Colin Farrell Enjoys A Better Burger

These celebrity sightings were sent in by our readers:

- Colin Farrell was spotted by myself and my boyfriend at “better burger” joint at 561 Third Ave at 37th St on April 21,2006 at around 8pm. He was ordering a burger next to me. He ordered just a burger and a drink…and then quickly sat in the back corner sorting out his condiments and reading a magazine. He kept looking around to see if anyone spotted him (i think myself and my boyfriend were the only ones believe it or not) and he put his black rim glasses on i guess to be more incognito. He was wearing a brown vintage leather jacket, dirty ripped jeans and worn out shoes. He short, and quite young looking in person i must add. it also looked like he had frequented the joint before bc he knew the drill.

- I saw Rosie Perez yesterday (April 24, 2006). She was walking past Trader Joe’s (on E 14th St. at 3rd. Ave. with another woman who looked like it could have been her sister. Plus they had very similar voices, so I couldn’t understand a damn thing that they were saying.