Colin Farrell On The Cover Of GQ, Loves His Chocolate

March 6th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Colin Farrell is so clearly undressing us with his eyes at this moment. And I’d put up a fight except that I don’t really want to. I just wish I were wearing more alluring undergarments. The Irish actor recently posed for GQ magazine and is featured on the cover of the British version of the magazine, looking intense in a suit.

Somehow, Colin’s all fuzzy and stuff, but there’s something about his fuzziness that I find ultimately way more attractive than Adrian Grenier’s. Not sure why. Whatever. In any case, Colin had a recent interview about his latest film, “In Bruges,” in which he reiterated how he had left his bad-boy past behind him.

“That’s the irony of working in Belgium. The beer, we had to strike that off the list. No beer for me at this stage in my career, after hundreds of them, but, yeah, the chocolate was grand.” A man who confesses to preferring beer over chocolate is a man after my own heart. Or a man who’s going to fight me for the last piece of chocolate. Dammit. We’ll just have to remain star-crossed lovers.

More photos of Colin Farrell’s GQ layout are after the jump.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. josianne

    ia he with muireann mcdonnell or they broke up?

  2. telsmkon

    he is too gorgeous and too sexy for the words, he is super hot an i am so glad he cleaned up and i know it must be very difficult but he did it for the sake of his son james , he is the greatest dad ever and that makes me love him even more.

    thanks so much socialite for colin’s sexy pictures, you’re awesome.

  3. nadaram

    Colin is staying in States 2nd March 2008 By Ken Sweeney

    COLIN Farrell has told his student sweetheart he will never return to live in Ireland because he needs to be near his sick son.

    Dublin student Muireann McDonnell, 22, last month revealed the coupleís relationship was back on after a short split.
    But pals fear they could part for good over the starís refusal to base himself in Ireland and her reluctance to move to LA when she finishes her studies at Trinity College.
    A pal said: They are happy at the moment but they have some big decisions to make.

    Colin, 31, says it breaks his heart to be away from his four-year-old son James for even a few days.
    Last year he revealed the boy suffered from Angelman syndrome, a genetic disorder which affects physical and mental development.

    And since then he has devoted himself to helping Jamesí mum, ex-girlfriend Kim Bordenave, 37, by giving her ìall the support I can possibly give.
    The actor, in Ireland for the premiere of new movie In Bruges, said: Sure, I love Ireland. It ís great craic meeting all my mates. Sometimes I think, Jesus this is so good. Why aren’t I always here?

    The answer is my son. He lives in the US with his mam and he needs his dad there too.

    This ís my job as a dad and where I have to be. End of story.
    this is one of many things i love about colin , way to go colin,

    i live in us, do you know where i can get that magazine?


  4. Suz

    Gorgeous man but the photographer needs to be shot-what happened to his neck in these shots?!

  5. Suz

    Gorgeous man but the photographer needs to be taken to task-what happened to Colin’s neck in these shots?! Its nonexistent lol

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