Colin Farrell Looks Good in a Tux, Loves His Son

Look at that hot werewolf in the tuxedo. I swear, someone’s been peeking into my dream journal again because I’m pretty sure that one of my first sexual fantasies actually involved a the Big Bad Wolf seducing me in some formal-wear.

And what’s even more attractive to me about Colin is that he appears to be a very dedicated father. His four-year-old son, James, suffers from a neuro-genetic disorder known as Angelman’s, affecting the boy’s fine motor skills. And he is also the apple of his father’s eye. Colin gushed about his “little fella” while on the Irish interview show, Tubridy Tonight. He said, “As far as I’m concerned he’s exactly the way he should be.”

And so are you, Colin. I changed my mind from when I wrote this post–he can keep the hair.

Photos: WENN