Colin Farrell Dresses Like The Artful Dodger

All-around nice guy and reformed bad boy Colin Farrell has a new flick coming out called “In Bruges”. He’s some gangster exiled in Belgium or something. Correct me if you want, geography isn’t one of my strong suits. Neither is math, or punctuality or responsibility. Anyway, Colin thought the script was the best that he’s ever read and was really into the whole process of making the flick. He says “”On one hand, I felt I understood the characters and understood their way of communicating and, on another hand, I couldn’t figure out how the hell an actor could say any of these words because some of them were quite outlandish.” Colin also says that he’s scaled back on crazy antics, since he realized that less broads, sex tapes, and encouraged stalkers means less headlines. Not good for my own career, but I’m not going to begrudge him some evolution.