Colin Farrell Dresses Like The Artful Dodger

February 7th, 2008 // 21 Comments

All-around nice guy and reformed bad boy Colin Farrell has a new flick coming out called “In Bruges”. He’s some gangster exiled in Belgium or something. Correct me if you want, geography isn’t one of my strong suits. Neither is math, or punctuality or responsibility. Anyway, Colin thought the script was the best that he’s ever read and was really into the whole process of making the flick. He says “”On one hand, I felt I understood the characters and understood their way of communicating and, on another hand, I couldn’t figure out how the hell an actor could say any of these words because some of them were quite outlandish.” Colin also says that he’s scaled back on crazy antics, since he realized that less broads, sex tapes, and encouraged stalkers means less headlines. Not good for my own career, but I’m not going to begrudge him some evolution.


By J. Harvey

  1. green cardigan

    Who’s the old lad with him, with the radio hanging around his neck in some of the photos?

    Colin’s great. There is no shit about him. It’s always been take it or leave it with him.
    I am looking forward to his new film. I’m not sure about his tinker look though. Especially all that facial hair. He dresses like he sells carpets out of the back of a van these days.
    Not that there is anything wrong with that Boss, except that he’s a moooovie star.

  2. green cardigan

    I’m fascinated by the old guy with the radio. He’s pumping out the tunes there. He looks a bit like Robin Williams from that movie he did where he lost the plot after his family died in a fire. Kingfisher or something like that.

    On second thoughts, maybe he’s Colin’s stylist. Or Colin’s muse. One things certain, they share fashion tips.

  3. Zekers

    He’s kind of your home country’s version of Matthew McConaughey, right Green? I like Colin too.

  4. green cardigan

    I suppose Colin can be compared to Matt McC in that they are both a little left to centre, but he’s quite sexy with it, unlike old Matt. Matt is all tanned dork , sweaty bandanas, belting volleyballs around the beach and yelling, but not one bit sexy :)

  5. tina

    why so messy, he looks really good clean cut!
    a 5 o’clock shadow ok, but this is just dirty!

  6. tina

    why so messy, he looks really good clean cut!
    a 5 o’clock shadow ok, but this is just dirty!

  7. spaz

    Gawd, I love this man. I know he’s a dirty boy, but MAN is he sexy.

    re: the guy with the radio…isn’t Colin sort of known for giving money to homeless people? I seem to remember a recent story about how he took a homeless person he met in Toronto on a $10,000 shopping spree, and gave him a bunch of money for rent. He probably gave the radio guy a nice fat wad of cash, too.

  8. green cardigan

    I’m telling you Spaz, the radio guy is his new business manager/stylist/guru. That homeless look is the NEW look for this season.

  9. peachpie

    if ‘homeless’ is the new fashion look, then this guy has is in like flynn. yuk.

  10. peachpie

    if ‘homeless’ is the new fashion look, then this guy is in like flynn. yuk.

  11. Zekers

    I was referring to their way of living life, Green. They both don’t give a damn what people think and tend to be pretty kind to down and out folks…just free-spirits.

  12. peachpie

    pardon the double post. my bad.

  13. green cardigan

    True, Zekers. They do have that in common .Except Matty has the sex appeal of a …………clothes peg. (That is about the most unsexy thing that popped into my head now!)

  14. Zekers

    I choose to remember the Matt of yesteryear…A Time to Kill…the nineties era. I still have a little crush on him…

  15. peachpie

    well…. i disagree, green :) maybe it’s a cultural thing, but i don’t find colin farrell to be attractive at all. he looks sickly, dirty, grungy and grimy — as though he’s covered with street soot… 100% of the time. Matt McC on the other hand, to me, looks clean and fresh and healthy.

    i live in california, so perhaps my expectations and tendencies are more towards the MM side of things. you, from what i have gathered over the last several months, live in ireland (yes?), where perhaps CF’s type is more prevalent.

    it’s all in what you are accustomed to, surrounded by, and of course, personal taste. what’s attractive to some is not to others, and vice versa. thank goodness!! otherwise, we’d all be after your colin farrell!! lol

    and yes, the fellow with the radio round his neck is a bit …. odd.

  16. green cardigan

    Yes peachpie…the tanned blond beach look would be very Californian. Not really my thing, but each to their own as they say. Give me Colin anyday.Which is funny because my guy is French and my ex was British :)

  17. peachpie

    wow…your have a very international dating history! i’m guessing that the french and british are not like the irish then? stereotypically, the french would be tres romantic and the english stoic? don’t know much about the irish though — other than that awesome red hair that i envy daily!

  18. green cardigan

    French Guys : Longish hair, good dressers, smoke a lot of cigarettes, flirt very well, believe in flowers and romance. Sometimes prone to hysterics.

    British Guys: Stiff upper lip, short arms deep pockets, not the best at ‘us’ type conversations. Reliable , fun.

    And a typical American guy?

    Irish Guys: Drunk, fun, the most likely to marry you!

  19. zack

    he is so real! thats so good for hollywood!

  20. Zekers

    There is no typical American guy Green…potpourri is more accurate.

    I love the “short arms, deep pockets” reference…funny!

    Does your Frenchman cook?

  21. 2 Old 4 This

    Love, love, love Colin, since I first saw him as Danny Byrne on Ballykissangel re-runs on PBS here in the states.

    His eyes look bright & clear in these pictures. The upside to moderate sobriety?

    awfully cute

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