Colin Farrell is a Funny Man in “In Bruges”

“In Bruges” is the latest Colin Farrell flick, which debuted at Sundance. I hear it’s supposed to be pretty funny. Colin plays a socially awkward quirky mobster. When asked what made his character so funny Colin said his character “has no idea how funny his outlook is, but it’s such a skewed look on his environment and the world around him and so lovely. There’s such purity to him, you know? (He’s) very childlike as well, perfectly honest. There’s no self-censorship or any of that good stuff.”

Looking at Colin Farrell is good stuff. Looking at Colin Farrell and having a laughing good time? Fantastic.

Here are photos of Colin Farrell along with director Martin McDonagh and costar Clemence Poesy at the Focus Features Premiere of “In Bruges” at the IFC Center.

Photos: Getty Images

8 more photos of Colin Farrell at the premiere of “In Bruges” are after the jump.

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Photos: Getty Images