Colin Farrell’s Kid Is Doing Ok

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I think Colin Farrell seems like a swell guy. He seems like he’s down to earth, and good to have with you in a bar fight (not that I get into those), and would let you puke down his stairwell if you got too drunk. His son James, with ex-girlfriend model Kim Bordenave, is four and has a rare genetic condition called Angelman Syndrome. Colin was recently at a screening of his new film, Cassandra’s Dream, and said that James’ progress is “good” and that they will be spending the holidays together. “All the family will be together. What are we going to do? Nothing. The usual – watch movies, eat food … take it easy,” Colin said. Come over to our gathering, Col. We’re going to have White Russians and fist-fight over Yankee Swap gifts!