Colin Farrell Talks About His Son

I’d like to thank Colin Farrell for making it impossible to snark in this post. Yeah, great. Wonderful. I’ve been rendered a snark eunuch with this one! Colin Farrell has revealed that his four-year-old son James has a rare form of cerebral palsy called Angelman Syndrome.

But despite the heartbreak the syndrome has caused he said that he is “incredibly blessed to have him in my life” and told of his joy when James recently took his first steps.

He said that his son had shown “amazing courage” in the first four years of his life and that he is an “incredibly happy boy” despite his condition.

Colin says that James took his first steps about six weeks ago, and spoke of his gratitude towards his ex-girlfriend and James’ mother Kim Bordenave for getting James the early treatment he needed. Ok, totally supportive and deeply loving of his disabled son and cool with the ex. There is like a giant wall of concrete and steel and spikes barring snark here. Add Colin to the J. Harvey “Can Stand” list. Plus, he’s mighty hot when he doesn’t have that haircut.