Colin Farrell’s Biceps, Joshua Jackson, Diane Kruger & More Hit Up A Star-Studded Memorial Day Party

Joshua & Diane
The couple together on a sun filled holiday.
What’s better than a bunch of celebrities getting together and partying? Oh, nothing. That’s right.

All the stars were out on Memorial Day for producer Joel Silver’s annual party. Just imagine a party with Colin Farrell’s muscles, Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger, Rob Lowe and way, way more. What I wouldn’t have given to have been a fly on the wall at that party.

Also, how is it fair that Diane looks as gorgeous at a barbecue as she does on the red carpet? It’s just not. Ooo, I am loving Dianna Agron’s red hair. 

Oh and look! It’s Kingston and Zuma Rossdale. Oh you celebrity children, how adorable you are all the time. I mean, it’s no wonder with someone as snazzy as Gwen Stefani for a mom.

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