Colin Farrell Was ‘Terrified’ Of Sobering Up

Farrell Knocking One Back
Does it count if it's for work?
Once upon a time, Colin Farrell believed that being talented meant that your life had to really suck in some way. That’s an interesting explanation to why the Irish heartthrob turned to heavy drinking.

He reported that he “subscribed to the notion that to be able to express yourself in an artistic form in life, you have to live in perpetual pain.” Um, wow, let’s hope not. Thankfully, he doesn’t believe it either; he’s been sober for about seven years now. He’s taken up yoga (that’ll do it!) and spends time with family and friends, like the outing he was spotted having in Philadelphia this past Monday.

It has to make you wonder how worth it it all seems if you have to be miserable to even have it to begin with!