Colin Farrell Talks His New Movie ‘Winter’s Tale’ On ‘The Today Show, Flirts With Eva Marie Saint

Because They Arrr!
Colin Farrell channels his inner pirate.
Looking for a movie to watch this Valentine’s Day?

I know making the decision between a movie starring Colin Farrell and one starring Alex Pettyfer can be difficult. Rest assured, I know what movie you want to see more.

After gazing at the eternally handsome Farrell, Winter’s Tale seems to be the clear winner for the perfect V-Day movie.

Still not sold? Well, then I guess it’s a good thing he was promoting the film on The Today Show yesterday.

Lovely Eva Marie Saint joined him to promote to film. Hilarious flirtation ensued. This isn’t the behavior I wouldn’t expect from a ninety year old woman. Then again, she doesn’t look 90, does she?

When Hoda Kotb mentioned how Colin’s character has a “love at first sight thing that happens,” the charmer quipped, “sitting to my left.”

That was just the beginning.

Mention of Farrell doing horseback riding while filming came up, to which Saint quickly responded, “that was sexy.”

See? Age really is just a number. The age difference didn’t stop these two from heating things up a bit.

Don’t worry, the lovely lady is happily married!

You can check out more flirting in the video below.

Let us know what you think about that and Winter’s Tale in the comments below!


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