Colin Farrell Talks ‘Fright Night’ At Comic Con

Say what you want about the man, but Colin Farrell is an Irish dreamboat.  That accent, that charm, that accent.  Farrell appeared at a panel for Dreamworks’ Fright Night this afternooon, a day after a very different vampire panel took place in the exact same location.  “This is not the sparkly vampire movie panel,” Shawn Phillips of Yahoo Movies warned the audience.  Nay, for this particular gathering was a ”bad-ass, bloodthirsty vampire panel.”

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According to the Los Angeles Times, Farrell was hesitant to join the remake of the 1985 original because he was such a fan and didn’t think he could nail the role of vampire Jerry as well as Chris Sarandon, who was there to moderate the panel, did.  Though he’s off the drink, Farrell’s character is fond of beer (in one scene, Jerry the vampire asks someone for a six-pack of beer).  Farrell admitted that filming 2006’s Miami Vice was a “six-month blackout” and that he’s trying to get back to the place where he first fell in love with his craft.  “Recently I reconnected to that Colin who went to his first acting class in Dublin at 17,” Farrell said.