Colin Farrell Takes A Stroll With His Sister, Talks ‘Total Recall’ [PHOTOS]

Colin Farrell is taking some quiet time ahead of Total Recall’s August 3rd release date; today (July 5th) he took a walk with sister Claudine in Dublin, Ireland.

Back when he was filming the reboot with Jessica Biel and Len Wiseman in Toronto, Farrell sat down with to talk about the blockbuster, his first since 2006’s Miami Vice.

“I was open for the first time in a few years to do something that’s really big,” Farrell said of signing on. “But it’s terrifying.”

Farrell had nothing but praise for the director, married to none other than Kate Beckinsale.  “Len’s so bright,” Farrell said. “He’s striving so diligently and nobly to make, not just a spectacular action film, but something that has a great deal of emotional resonance.”