Colin Farrell Shows Off Chiseled Abs After Yoga Session [PHOTOS]

Colin Ferrell Loves Jack
Colin Farrell seen drinking whiskey on set
Colin Farrell is seen leaving a yoga class in Dublin Docklands, Ireland yesterday (August 19, 2012) with temperatures reaching 105 degrees.

The actor donned an unusual get up, wearing a sport coat sans shirt, along with grey gym shorts and clunky work boots as he left the gym with his sister Claudine, who works as his personal assistant.

The father of two recently told The Sun that that he tries to avoid spoiling his children. “One of my sons loves footballs, tennis balls – anything round – and the other is mad on trains,” Farrell said.

“Toys keep them happy and I give them ice-cream – that’s about as extravagant as it gets.” 

Aww. Colin truly seems to love being a dad.

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