Colin Farrell Looking Sexy In Paris For Total Recall’ Photocall [PHOTOS]

Colin Farrell At LAX
The actor lands in Los Angeles.
The stunningly sexy Irish-bred actor, Colin Farrell, is in France today (Jul 9) for a Total Recall photocall shoot. Farrell plays the lead character, Douglas Quaid in the Len Wiseman directed film.

On his latest film, Colin commented “I found it continuously challenging, not just in a physical way, but in an emotional way and in an intellectual way, and hopefully that comes across. And there’s action sequences so spectacular that it’ll be worth your two hours and ten dollars – or your ten euros!” When delving into discussing his character in the film due in theatres nationwide Aug 17, Colin explains,  “The whole film then is a journey from this man awakening to the ideas of identity and past and being robbed of everything you were and everything you believed, without even knowing what these things are.” The role encouraged him to think critically on ‘existential questions’ as he said in his interview.

The story surrounds the life of Douglas Quaid (Farrell) a factory worker and his struggle with identity. He derermines that he is a secret agent after undergoing a process where he experiences a ‘virtual vacation’ and is led to believe he is a hunted man. The tag line for the action-packed  film is “What is Real?” the line between reality and virtuality is fragmented. The movie is a re-make of the original 1990 film by director Paul Verhoeven starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

Will this summer flick turn out better than the original version? Tell us what you think.

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