Colin Farrell Nearly Became A Teen Pop Star

While in Dubai promoting his new film The Way Back, Colin Farrell opened up about how close he was to being in the UK band Boyzone at the age of 19.

“I swear I never wanted to actually be in Boyzone,” he insisted as the crowd clapped and cheered, he was finally going to talk about the audition, being asked by X-Factor’s Louis Walsh.

“I was bored,” he added. “I was never good at studying. Just didn’t don’t how to apply myself. So I went along. Louis actually saw me in a club in Ireland. I was wearing leather trousers and a rubber t-shirt and he asked me there and then to be in the band. After two renditions of Careless Whisper it was all over. I’ve really never looked back. If I was in Boyzone I couldn’t have been an actor. Take your pick.”

He went on to add that his first visit to America was not all that it was cracked up to be.

“It’s hard to get emotional when you’re doing eight meetings a day where the most enthusiastic thing someone says to you is ‘Hey you’re Irish — how’s that?’ It was depressing and nothing looked like it was going to happen half the time,” he said.

“After three weeks of meetings — staying in a Holiday Inn — I didn’t get anything. It was only when I came home that Joel was looking for actors for Tigerland and things started to change. I felt very lonely and didn’t like it much.”

I mean, can you imagine him being in a boyband?