Colin Farrell Makes Funny Faces, Possibly In A Love Triangle With Rachel McAdams And Taylor Kitsch

Colin Farrell Hikes
The actor really likes keeping fit.
I don’t know about you guys, but I am really excited that Colin Farrell is in season two of True Detective.

Not just because I love True Detective, but because that means we’re getting so much more Colin Farrell than we usually do. And you guys know how much I enjoy my Colin Farrell.

The actor was spotted on Good Morning America today, making a series of funny faces as he talked about the new season. I like his not totally buttoned up shirt. Ooo! Wanna hear the latest, ridiculous Colin gossip? 

According to Life & Style–so take this with lots of salt, preferably on the rim of a margarita–Colin and his True Detective co-star Taylor Kitsch spent most of their time on set fighting over their co-star, Rachel McAdams.

“[Colin and Taylor] were fighting over her all the time [while filming True Detective],” the source told Life & Style (via Hollywood Life). “One would invite her out to dinner and the other would get jealous, and vice versa. It was like they were in high school!” And even though filming has wrapped “they both still have a huge crush on her.” I mean, I get it if it’s true–Rachel McAdams has been my lady crush since Slings & Arrows.

And honestly, I think it’s kinda funny. Alright silly rumor, go ahead and be true. You made me giggle. Wanna see what Colin probably thinks of the rumor? Then launch the gallery and enjoy his faces. Seriously, I love that guy. And don’t forget! Season two of True Detective starts this Sunday, June 21st!