Colin Farrell Jogs Shirtless For Our Viewing Pleasure

Colin Gets His Zen On
Farrell Leaves His Yoga Class & Shows Off His Chest
Colin Farrell got his fitness on yesterday (June 17, 2013) in Hollywood, where he went for a run with his shirt off, exposing his tattoos and toned abs.

Colin reportedly uses every opportunity he has to get his fitness on if you believe what the National Enquirer has to say.

Supposedly, the star was standing in a “slow-moving line” at Kinkos printing shop around midnight on a Saturday. “Colin killed time by doing various exercises in the aisle – huge side-stretches, lunges and squats,” according to an eyewitness. 

I’d have had not problem with that. If I had been at Kinkos I’d have angle for a rear view.

The actor kept his hair out of his face, wearing his signature black headband. Colin has been keeping busy with upcoming films including, Saving Mr. Banks and Winter’s Tale, which will be released some time this year and is currently filming Solace.

Check out all of Colin doing his jogging thing by launching the gallery!

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