Colin Farrell Is Sweaty In The City [PHOTOS]

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A very sweaty Colin Farrell was spotted leaving a yoga class in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday October 6, 2012.

The actor paid a recent visit to Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show and they talked about Colin’s love of sweating.

Ellen: You’re really into saunas, right?

Colin: I love sweating. I love sweating. I’m shooting up in Simi Valley and it’s been hot. It’s been 104,5,6 degrees everyday and I’m wearing, it’s a period piece. I’m wearing a 3-piece woolen suit and delightfully long underwear for a man.

More from Colin and Ellen on the topic of sweating. Plus Ellen tries to scare Colin. 

Ellen: So you don’t need a sauna, you’re in the sauna.

Colin: I’m in the sauna everyday at work but, I do fancy the Turkish, Russian bath house…the 10th street baths in the East Village in New York about 7, 8 years ago. I started shvitzing and sweating and I love it every since.

Ellen: It’s good for you. It sweats out the toxins.

Colin: It sweets out the toxins ..It feels kind of primal as well in a world that moves so fast and is so about technology. Well it is something that’s ancient and that has stood the test of time and if kind of feels that way.

Ellen: I like it too

Colin: I like you too

Ellen: I like you too. They have these infrared red saunas. Have you tried those?

Colin: I did. And I wasn’t too sold

Ellen: You don’t like them as much?

Colin: Not so much I like to fling bit of water.. Not so much.

Ellen: You like to fling a bit of water

Colin: Something about it. It didn’t feel it penetrates as deeply as old school…

Ellen: Just stop talking….

Colin: Even when we’re talking about health, it ends up in the gutter…