Colin Farrell Is All Spiky And Casual As He Lands At LAX

Colin Gets His Zen On
Farrell Leaves His Yoga Class & Shows Off His Chest
That is some look Colin Farrell!

The actor was seen landing and Los Angeles International Airport yesterday (July 16, 2013) with his sister.

Colin was looking very casual, wearing a scoop neck t-shirt, jean jacket, sweatpants and a wide black headband that made his hair seem more spiky than usual. 

Farrell has been in Atlanta, GA recently where he has been shooting the film Solace, co-starring Anthony Hopkins, for the past several weeks.

He was even spotted in Knoxville, TN taking a class at Real Hot Yoga. You gotta keep the mind, body and soul in shape.

Click through all the pics in the gallery to see Colin and his sister make their way through LAX.

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