Colin Farrell & His Chest Pick Up His Son Henry, Who Clearly Doesn’t Like Shoes

Colin Gets His Zen On
Farrell Leaves His Yoga Class & Shows Off His Chest
Just in case you weren’t sure that Colin Farrell could get any hotter, how about some photos of him hanging out with his son?

Hotter yet? That’s what I thought. The movie star, who sadly did not go shirtless, was spotted in Studio City yesterday (June 6) picking up his son Henry from school. I wonder if Colin ever thought he’d be walking around holding a Thomas the Tank Engine lunchbox. Side note: anybody remember the life action movie with Mara Wilson?

Henry clearly was not feeling that whole “wearing shoes” thing the kids are doing these days. As long as he does’t get a piece of bark stuck in his foot (I’ve had it happen and it hurts) I’m sure he’ll be just fine. 

Also, Colin’s shirt should be way more open. Can you make that happen? Oh, and he should be riding horse. Those two things are not mutually exclusive.

Launch the galelry to hceck out all the photos of Henry being cute with no shoes. The bit of Colin’s chest that we get is also super worth it. Enjoy!