Colin Farrell Enlightened Yoga Enthusiast Shows Off Hot Bod [PHOTOS]

Colin Farrell At LAX
The actor lands in Los Angeles.
The 36-year-old Alexander star, Colin Farrell, looked amped and rejuvenated as he stepped out of a yoga studio in Los Angeles on Friday (August 3). His tatted biceps were revealed as the star was dressed in all-black and a sleeveless t-shirt. With yoga mat under his arm, and iced beverage in hand, the star looked stunning and buff as ever.

Undertaking a lifestyle change in the form of yoga is his healthy diversion from old drug habits for the Irish actor. His motivation? No, it’s not another role, but for his sons James, 9, and Henry, 2 . “I eat really well, drink loads of green tea, and take a s**tload of vitamins. I want to live for as long as f**king possible now. I have two boys that I want to see grow up,” said the actor in an interview with Men’s Health UK September edition.

Farrell’s latest film, Total Recall, released on Friday (August 3) was predicted to have considerably lower ratings and earnings than other box office flicks this summer, such as competitor, The Dark Knight Rises. Those predictions rang true.With the London summer Olympics well under-way and the competition of other blockbuster flicks the success of the film is tapered according to critics. This weekend the film grossed $26 million.

The action-charged flick centers around the life of a factory worker Douglas Quaid (Farrell) who deterrs from his real life into a fake reality coersed by Recall – which is a company that leads Douglas to believe he is a spy and has fake memories to support this notion.

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