Colin Farrell Brings Christmas Joy To Sick Children

Colin Ferrell Loves Jack
Colin Farrell seen drinking whiskey on set
Bad boy turned softy Colin Farrell decided to spread some Christmas cheer by surprising a few sickly children and their parents at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Dublin, Ireland.  Although most of the children were too young to know who the actor was, parents were elated by the unexpected visited and took to their Twitter pages to express their how wonderful the visit was.

One parent tweeted, ‘Just chatting with #ColinFarrell who is in with presents for the kids here in #Crumlin. No tv/media, a gentleman and genuine.’

Another said, Just met Colin Farrell he came to meet the kids in crumlin hospital really nice man. fair play to him putting a smile on the childrens faces.’

Farrell, whose visit was even unknown to his publicist,  passed presents to children and chatted with parents and staff.  The Irish actor looks completely adorable while holding a cute little baby dressed like a tiny chubby candy cane.  Colin was in town to visit his family for Christmas break and was spotted having lunch with his mom Rita Farrell and brother Eamon Farrell to celebrate Eamon’s birthday on December 28, 2011.