Colin Farrell And Jim Sturgess Talk ‘The Way Back’

In the midst of all this talk about Golden Globes snubs, let’s talk about a movie no one seems to know is coming out at all: The Way Back starring Jim Sturgess, Colin Farrell and Ed Harris! Seriously, this must be the worst advertising campaign ever: its two stars are dayum fine, so just slap them on a poster and people will see this thing. Hey, it worked for The Tourist!

Sturgess and Farrell, pictured at the Dubai premiere of the film today, shared their reactions to seeing the finished product.

“It brought me back to being freezing cold,” Sturgess said. “I saw myself freezing out there on the mountain tops. I remember what that felt like… It was such an exciting thing to see the film finally on the screen and I was so proud.”

Farrell gave a modest response: “I’m terrible with appraising anything that I have anything to do with. As soon as I walk onto the screen, the film is ruined for me!”