Colin Farrell And His Handsome Mug Talk The Joys Of ‘Winter’s Tale’

February 10th, 2014 // 1 Comment

Are you guys ready to see Colin Farrell get fantastical on the big screen?

Good, because Winter’s Tale is coming soon and if photos of Colin riding a horse in New York City are any indication, this should be quite the movie. The Irish actor was spotted in the Big Apple today, giving the world a smile as he appeared on Good Morning America to promote the movie.

Winter’s Tale has taken nearly 30 years to make it on screen, making Colin especially glad he got to be part of it. 

“It was a joy,” Colin said of playing his character. And he was especially a fan of the time he got to spend in NYC. “I mean one of the most beautiful things about being part of this film was being in New York.” Also, from what I gather, this movie will make people cry. So just, prepare for that.

Watch the rest of Colin’s interview below. I just wanna listen to him talk all day. I’m not alone in that right? And don’t forget to launch the gallery for some Colin staring time. You’re welcome.

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By Sabba Rahbar

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