Coke Loving Kate Moss Allegedly Enjoys Lesbian Three-Ways

September 20th, 2005 // 13 Comments

What coked-up model wouldn’t? Models are so risky, with all there drugs and lesbian sex. So cutting edge.

Drug-dazed Kate Moss lay on a hotel bed with star pals Sadie Frost and Hollyoaks actress Davinia Taylor and spoke the words that would change their friendships forever. “Have you ever had sex with a woman?” purred the supermodel–gazing at Davinia as she slipped out of her party dress. “Well, why don’t we do it right now?” So the three pals stripped and began a lesbian three-in-a-bed sex session in a suite in London’s posh Claridges after a drunken showbiz bash.

Plus, Kate and Sadie would bring Jude Law into their lovemaking sessions because he didn’t like it when he wasn’t involved. Such a guy.

Cocaine Kate’s 3-In-Bed Lesbian Orgies [News Of The World]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Cokehead

    Im sure she is not the only model who is snorting lines when she can. The only reason its such a big deal is b/c she is seen on tape doing it. Who cares if she doing coke and having a little lesbin love with her friends. I can promise you she isnt that only one in the world doing it.

  2. she is a wrong model for a model she is just a bloody cowww
    you others don’t sniff that shit you see it can do to you.

  3. tempy

    AND….what’s the point? Aren’t most people of her celebrity stature coke snorting drinkin bi-sexual hedonists? Am I supposed to be shocked that she had three ways with Jude Man-Whore Law? I just hope there were condoms used, both male and female…or else SOMEONE in that scene has some crotch-critters.

  4. Cheesy

    Someone please make the case for my Kate Moss is even a model? She’s one unattractive swizzle stick that you wouldn’t even turn to look at if she walked down any street.

  5. LARS

    pardon me, but who DOESN’T “enjoy Lesbian Three-Ways”??

  6. timk

    Did this news item begin with “Dear Penthouse”?

  7. AER

    Uhm, so I’ll be the first one to say it amongst all of the criticism…


  8. Jane

    Sweet. I wonder if any of them liked having someone do rails off their twat???

  9. CityKitty

    The Sadie stuff is old, old news.

    however I never thought Kate was anything special till I saw her in person. She’s really stunning! (Agree, too think, tho)

  10. LM

    seen her in person too. overrated. narcissistic loser needs to grow up and be a better mom. Maybe take some cues from Angelina (who’d be much more palatable 3some material).

  11. Anon Anon

    Umm… and what percentage of men (not to mention women) would have gladly sacrificed a body part to be right there with them? Methinks implied moral outrage is a pretty thin disguise for titillation and envy here…

  12. Ginger Beer

    Well All her contracts are coming Undone and I dont blame them for making them seether ties….Im glad the fashion world has opened its eyes and decided to stop feeding her habit that makes her skinny and all other women that have some curves feel like we are worth nothing….

  13. MoDeL GuRl

    Why does’nt every1 just give kate a F***ing break? im a model and this happens allllll the time she just the poor bitch that got caught.

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