Coiffed Supposed Babydaddy Meets His Kid

February 27th, 2007 // 7 Comments

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Larry Birkhead finally got to meet Danielynn . That’s nice. This is terrible, but this saga has gotten boring.

Birkhead and Howard K. Stern have been in settlement negotiations for several days. Birkhead’s lawyer, Debra Opri, told TMZ paternity and custody of the little girl are not negotiable. But it would seem Stern is showing signs of bending by allowing Birkhead to visit with the baby.

The meeting took place this past weekend at Horizons in the Bahamas, the house in which Stern is currently living.

Have they buried Anna yet? For god’s sakes, she’s ripe. Someone needs to hack through this Gordian knot immediately. It’s making America look bad. It’s not the only thing, but still! We want Gwyneth Paltrow to keep visiting and she’s not gonna if we keep acting like ugly Americans!

By J. Harvey

  1. genevieve83

    I knew that chump, HKS, wasn’t the father. If he was so “sure” he was the natural father, he wouldn’t let LB anywhere near the kid. But since the hearing is over, now is a good time to dump the kid once and for all, but keep his psycho claws in the estate. Fucktard.

    With that said, I still want to see the DNA results. I’m no moral compass, and babydaddy drama makes me crazy, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it wasn’t LB, either. ANS, God love her, put out like it was Mardi Gras, and her ass was the beads. I wouldn’t be surprised if my own husband told me he bumped off a piece.

  2. Loob

    “Have they buried Anna yet? For god’s sakes, she’s ripe.”

    ACK! Ohmigod J.Harv, you made me drown my keyboard in coffee! LMAO!

  3. Unknown

    You know what really gets me?Men are always screaming about gold diggers, and ANS was THE gold digger, and yet, she certainly never had a problem snagging a guy! Was it the big tits? Or the big bank account she had dug?

  4. Elaine

    What the hell kind of settlement could they possibly come to? Howard and Larry, you aren’t going to share custody. Unless maybe Larry decided to take Howard on as a lover. Howard would probably sell himself out…again, and do it. Bitch needs money for shoes. Oh, and I’m pretty sure selling babies is still illegal which is essentially what would happen if money was exchanged. Just do the fucking paternity test, sweet Jesus.

  5. Ket

    I think if he met with the baby, and they are saying that he fed her and everything, couldn’t he just take a little sample of her saliva or whatever and get the test done already?
    I know that everything needs to be done according to the law, but take a little sample and do this test already.

  6. anonymous

    Larry Birkhead is hot.

  7. daine

    I heard that HKS attorney took Larry’s cup of the wittness stand.They know who the daddy is.Have any one though just maybe that Howard (Coward) already took a dna test in private.or maybe not cause he knows he’s not the daddy.Did anyone watch DR.Phil 3/22/07 give me a break.first of all HKS you might say stole the baby.and DR.Phil saying he thinks a home study should be done to see who is best fit to raise Danielynn.Shoot let someone come take his child and run to the bahamas let him take a home study.It’s Larry’s baby.And his sister said that HKS is bonded with Daniel and the only father that Danielynn has known.well,Larry wasn’t in Danielynn life the last 5 months cause HKS wouldn’t let Larry.and to share custody!!it’s bull.Howard K Stern want’s the money.he can sit there and say he doesn’ would he like his child stolen.Danielynn isn’t HKS child!!!!!!!!hey I got a thought..for the rest of the creeps who are taken notes on how to steal a baby.Bahamas.let’s just hope that the bahamas will see through Stern.and his siter sure that’s her brother.but look here sister it’s not your brother’s child.He put himself through any bonding he said and you say he has with Danielynn.Give up the baby to Larry.

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