Coffee Makes Mary-Kate Olsen Very Happy

November 19th, 2004 // 22 Comments

What can she all have in that purse? Maybe she has Ashley in there?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. L

    I don’t get the purse coment. It doesnt look that big to me????

  2. Elizabeth L. Cassidy

    She looks sort of like a homeless person to me…or a gypsy. And yes that bag IS way too big for such a little girl.

  3. Tom

    Yes, Elizabeth – she’s so….bohemian!

  4. She looks so cute…just like a cute, little baby monkey.

  5. Look at those cute little slippers. How earthy! Her purse is even color coordinated with her ring. Very bohemian chic. She’s just like any other NYU freshman, except with a lot more money and a bigger coke habit.

  6. steve

    What a happy Hari Krishna. They’re so cute when they’re worth $150 million.

  7. the entire ensemble is so oversized, it is only appropriate that the coffee should be thicker than her forearm and as big as her head. see, it’s a venti, but for style purposes.

  8. That purse is gargatuan. Just like everything else on her tiny body except for the little bitty moccasins. Aren’t her tootsies cold?

  9. Drana

    Is she wearing a drape?

  10. Laura

    No socks to keep her toes warm, but a scarf (perhaps to keep us from seeing the wires that keep her bobble-head from falling off?).

    The girl needs help.

  11. She looks just like a little girl who went crazy trying on everything in her mommy’s closet.

  12. non ya

    Tip: GROW UP..find something else better to do then talk bout 18yr old girls..ur so pathetic..get a life..if u hate them so much why do u like spending ur time..talking bout them..or thinkin bout them..and i bet u all the money in tha world u wouldnt say any of this stuff to there faces…u can talk tha talk but i bet u cant walk tha walk…

  13. model

    how tall is mary kate? she cant really be 5’2 or 5’1 or whatever.

  14. Niki

    she looks like a ten year old muslim girl who is happy because she found a huge purse something to drink, hope she doesnt trip over the scarf.

  15. no name

    SHE ISN”T ADDICTED T COKE YOU DUMB PEOPLE..She’s my cousin and she isn’t addicted to it…she had an eating disorder because she thought ashley was skinnier then her so why don’t you guyz shut ur mouth bout my cousin already

  16. Kayputh

    ok this outfit is just too weird

  17. Cinfully yours

    To “NO NAME”,

    Hey, I’ve been trying to get a hold of Mary Kate. Tell me, since she’s your cousin, does she still have [want] those fabulous knee high moccasins I saw her wearing once. Please let me know!

  18. twin

    stumbled on this but I still think she is beautiful. Twins are typically smaller than average. My twin and I are almost exactly the same size as the Olsens.

  19. einns

    peepz..your comments make me go GAGA than the pics!

  20. Shan

    I think shes cute.. we all have opinions though.. I won’t judge her for being skinny.. whether she does coke or has an unhealthy diet.. I wont covet the fact that shes skinnier and richer : )

  21. your all gay

    your all obsessed, jealous, low life freaks

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