Coco’s Awkward New Year’s Eve Encounter With Hailey Glassman

It was a very strange evening at Nuela on New Year’s Eve. Our good friend, Celebrity Magnet Tom Murro, attended the bash at Nuela New York City with his wife and Kim Granatell.

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Here is how things went down according to Tom:

Ice-T, Coco and a large group of their friends showed up to our table at around 9:45. I had Coco on my right and Ice was next to her. We all chit chatted it up for a few minutes before our friends Hailey Glassman (Jon Gosselin’s ex, and current boyfriend of Kim G’s son John) and American Idol’s Antonella Barba showed up. Haily sat down across from me and Coco at the table and within 3 seconds of meeting her and having her ass in the chair she said to Coco ‘you have really nice tits.’

Ice-T apparently just rolled his eyes. Sounds like John Granatell has a keeper!