Coco Lee And Ice-T

August 31st, 2005 // 43 Comments

I’ll let you take this one. I’ve touched on this before.

2005 VMAs: Coco Lee Goes Loco [The Bastardly]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Laura Lord Belle

    Trashy but admit!!

    Seriously? what do you expect,it is ICE-T after all!! Who do you think is his type..Condeleeza?

  2. Lord Stinkington

    Is it that when your parents name you Coco Lee you become a ginormous slut, or you become a ginormous slut and you change your name to Coco Lee from Estelle Lowenstein?

  3. doofus

    ew. she’s not THAT hot. her boobs are too big and the rest is only OK.

    but WHY?! why wear something like that? you can be sexy without being sleazy. I mean, she looks like she’s on her way to the Adult Video Awards, not the MTV awards.

    she may as well have not worn anything because you can see EVERYTHING. Perhaps she’s showing it all because it’s all she has to offer.

  4. j

    More women should color coordinate the soles of their shoes to their man’s pimp suit

  5. Shana

    She’s GOT to be on drugs.
    How the hell do you pull that one off…??
    I mean all night.
    How could she have a serious conversation with anyone..? I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face if she even said hello to me. lmao
    Think her tits looked like waffles when she took the dress off ???
    (laughing..) Oh shhitttt.

  6. Mark

    In all honesty, I think it’s hot. Here’s a man who wouldn’t be considered hot by anyone’s standards. We know it, he knows it. Why not push the perks of celebrity in all our faces. We all wish we could enjoy your sexuality the way he/she obviously enjoy theirs. Amen!!

  7. canne71

    Is it just me or does this chick have ridiculously large areoli?????

  8. Dan

    UGH! Dirty !Dirty! Dirty! Loose weight & gain some class. She way too old for this crap. The whole pimp thing is so played out. Isn’t he broke? A broke pimp & a dirty hoe…perfect match!

  9. Crystal

    At least she’s wearing underwear. But her roots are nasty. Maybe she figured no one would notice.


  11. Mandingo

    Hey Dan,
    I posted a similar comment @ the Bastardly:
    it’s a known fact that most men (especially “minorities”, myself included) have ALWAYS preferred a nice round shapely butt such as this to ridiculously skinny ones. No matter what the media tried to shove down our throats for years the truth is that from classical masters Michelangelo’s and Leonardo DaVinci’s paintings to Beyonce, J-Lo and Salma curvaceous women have always been “it”- the ideal female. If you’ve got curves (as miss C does) then kudos to you. If not, stop whining and deal with reality- this woman’s body is amazing, paid for or not, whore or not.

  12. STU

    lord have mercy on whom ever has to sit in the same seat SHE did after a 4 hours award show.
    you know some snail trail was left after she got up. UGH!

    BTW, how trashy have these “award” shows become? they are about as low class as a paris hilton doing coke of a toilet seat cover.

  13. LuvChoo

    Snail trail…now THAT’S funny!

    The rest is just skanky.

  14. Cynthia

    This is not hot at all. I think it is disgusting. She belongs in a strip club. And so does he. Some things should be kept private, which is why I am sick of people like this, and Paris Hilton and all the celebrities who either have wardrobe malfunctions or wear ‘clothing’ like this that reveals all. It makes me seriously wonder what is wrong with someone who wants to garner such attention. You want to only be remembered for your weird, overly large tits? Doofus got it right–it is all she has to offer, obviously.

  15. Brian

    She got exactly what she wanted…. ATTENTION …and her photos plastered all over.
    Anyone else shocked lil Kim didn’t get to this outfit first?

  16. fat mary kate

    um how is that hott? she looks disgusting.

  17. Lorena

    Someone should shoot the ‘designer’ of this catastrophe!

  18. Jacee

    nice body ugly face

  19. Call me crazy, but I think Coco just wanted some attention — and she got it. So, we can all rest our heads a little bit easier tonight :oP

  20. what?

    hot??!!! are you guys blind or just have really really sick taste???

    I think this woman is disgustingly fugly! Not to mention everything else on her is fake.

  21. mnc

    she has a beautiful face… and I can respect the curves

    but why – oh why – does she has to rock the “tacky ho” look… it would be amazing if she were to have her look sewn up

    someone needs to give her a makeover… hook her up with kimora… they are not all that different really

  22. yoyo

    That woman has FAKE shapes. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has butt implants. Don’t compare that to a healthy beautiful woman.

  23. Cheyenne

    Someone please tell me what is even remotely attractive about a woman who is in such dire need of attention she will show up in a public place practically naked? Sure, you fellas with raging hormones get turned on by it, but I find it completely sickening. If the photographers would stop snapping these skanks, the behavior would stop.

  24. TasAnnie

    How is it her nipples aren’t poking through that thing?

    Why don’t the guys show up in g-string lollybags?

    You can’t tell me that this sort of thing is helping the credibility of the ‘awards’ being handed out.

  25. Mo

    GoFugYourself put it best when they described her aereola as “nipples the size of beer cans”!
    Personally, I think she’s a Butterface.

  26. alicia

    this is wrong in too many ways to list

  27. avleyawski

    I love it!
    I think they look happy together and she is just having a good time. We are all just too uptight. I personally would never in a million years wear theat outfit but to each it’s own. And she has a beautiful face so don’t be too catty girls.

  28. justin

    that’s not Coco Lee. Coco Lee is the one from Asia right? ZZscan_Coco_Lee/

  29. Pleasantly disturbed

    IceT looks like those geriatrics at the old folks home that get up to dance with the *whore of the month*. You know, when you visit Grandpa at one of their soiree socials? He needs to get a grip and lose the skank and take up cross stitch.

  30. Girly Girl

    MANDINGO: I think I love you. Will you marry me? I promise you many good years of great sex with a fabulous, curvy, FEMALE partner…

    Bony ass bitches? WTF? I am a pretty good looking woman- not a lard ass- but I have great tits and hips to match (38-28-36). Newflash: I get more attention, offfers, phone numbers than my girlfriends who run 40 miles a week and eat a piece of lettuce for dinner. For real.

    I have never once- known any man- black, white, yellow- who says about ANY woman- ‘Wow- yeah- I’d really like to fuck her but she looks like a woman. I like my girlies to look like little boys.’ Doesn’t happen. Heroine chic is fugly. Who wants to screw someone that might snap in two???

    So. Let’s just let the media perpetuate this crapass faux-idealism and those of us in the real world will celebrate breasts and hips and curves and all things female!


  31. Rachael

    Okey I admit I think she went a little over the top but lets be kind. Men you know you would love to have that on your arm. Besides Ice is OLD so of course he is going to have a 1/2 nacked woman on his
    I have met them both and believe it or not, ICE is a SNOB to good for his fans! She was kind enough to get me a picture with ICE and of course her. She’s ok in my book!

  32. d

    I’m totally comfortable with nudity but there’s a time, a place and a certain way to present it. Nude beaches? Fine. Nude magazines? Fine. Going to an award show wearing stripper heels and a dress found in a Walmart dumpster after it was chewed up by rats? Tacky to the extreme. She looks like the kind of woman found kneeling in a bathroom stall at the Viper Room for a few grams of coke. It’s sad that anyone’s attracted to this, and I’m honestly not referring to her alarmingly large breasts or wide ass. It’s like looking at herpes in motion.

    Come on boys. There are many more beautiful, curvaceous woman – some of them are even healthy, ie. built that way, not cosmetically enhanced or stuffing Cheetos down their throat for the desired effect. The only thing you’ll get out of a woman like that up there is a lap dance, if her head isn’t too heavy with coke.

  33. I Own you

    God her ass looks so edible. Yum.

  34. Silasdog

    Hey, I hate to burst some bubbles, but there’s dozens of her clones “walking the streets” of the various cities in this country. Frankly, I’ve seen better looking hookers on the streets of NYC. Yeah, sure, there’s an element of hot & nasty in her photos here, but bottomline, we’re talking “Trashtime in Tinsel Town,” or “Slut on Steroids.”

  35. little lulu

    TO MANDINGO, there is nothing wrong with women who have curves, but REAL ones. i don’t understand how or why women feel that they need to be fake to be attractive, implants make women look like fat cows. To me this outfit is not very attractive. it doesn’t attract my attention, it makes me want to look away.

  36. Sally

    Aw.. Poor Coco, she was so broke she had to make her own dress out of black netting… Didn’t look like she had that much of it though..

    Anyone who makes Paris Hilton look like a celebate nun needs to enroll themselves pronto in:
    Hollywood Reform School:
    Why clothes ARE actually important

    Also the suit in puuke yellow makes him look like a perked pimp.

    Get some class.

  37. Marian

    That is NOT Coco Lee

  38. Blueprynt

    Ice-t is not a Pimp u effin idiots. can non-urban america stop abusing words like this. Pimps get money from hoes, thats his wife, she gets money from him. she should be getting called the pimp.
    if this chick is all plastic she sux..if not much shes hot..either way it continues my advocacy in the interracial movement thats gonna take over the world!! if not atleast i know I’LL end up with something white at the altar :)

  39. Kenny

    I think she’s HOT! And I’d love to have a woman like that, although I woul prefer her to wear something a bit more decent at times. But YUMMY..I’d like to Fug her brains out…lol

    So she’s his wife? Lucky him…

  40. MeLeeLee

    First, they are not married! I think he is HOTT, in that bad boy way. She looks sssssoooo uguly. They both need some fashion help, but her outfit is awful!

  41. Breal

    Get a life you guys, who cares???

  42. steve austin

    she got the name coco for, me im her fuckin brother and i couldnt she nicole when i was a kid so i called her coco and she has kept that name from there on out so fuck all of you trash talkers you dont no shit

  43. Doc

    …..where the hell are my wirecutters????

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