Coco Pops a Squat With Her Pups at Pet-A-Palooza

Scene-stealer extraordinaire, Coco, got to combine two of her favorite things in the world at the 14th annual Pet-A-Palooza event: pets and squatting. The event took place at Sunset Park in Las Vegas and featured a multitude of events that pet owners could enjoy with their furry friends. Coco looked relatively demure in some high-waisted red shorts and platform sandals and a figure-hugging white t-shirt.

Another star who made an appearance at the event was none other than 98 Degrees star, Jeff Timmons, who I am convinced is somehow related to me.

In fact, I may even try to figure out a way to marry him just say I can keep my last name or be double hyphenated. Either sounds like a good option to me. A friend of mine who recently met the pop star described him as “having a really friendly personality and zero body fat,” and based on that info alone, I say we’d be a great match.