Coco Paints On A Dress And Films ‘Ice Loves Coco’ In Miami [PHOTOS]

Despite being somewhat of an exhibitionist, Nicole “Coco” Austin seems to enjoy life as a zaftig hottie-tottie.  And why shouldn’t she?  She’s married to a scary rap star, has her own reality show and gives the paparazzi exactly what they want.

PHOTOS: Coco Gets Swept Away While Doing Her Sexy Poses

Yesterday (November 7th), Coco took her English Bulldog, Spartacus shopping at Lincoln Road Mall while filming Ice Loves Coco in Miami, Florida.  Coco teetered around the mall in a skintight halter dress and stilettos (the kind seen wrapped around a pole) in between posing for photos.

I wish I had your confidence, sister.