Coco Loves Cleavage At Harrah’s In Atlantic City [PHOTOS]

Ohh Coco la Coco.  Your cup size runeth over and yet, we still find you endearing.  The clothing you wear is barely that, with bits of fabric covering up only what the good lord gave you.

Coco (Nicole Austin) and husband Ice-T headed down to Atlantic City, New Jersey to host Epic Saturdays at The Pool After Dark in the Harrah’s Resort Saturday (November 12th), and the reality star got the surprise of her life upon entering the stretchy pants/rhinestone paradise that is AC.  Coco tweeted, “Wow! I just rolled into Atlantic City & I see myself up on a billboard. Wasn’t expecting it.”

PHOTOS: It’s Not Halloween, Coco!

Husband and wife filmed the event for season two of their reality show, Ice Loves Coco, and Coco basked in the glory of her silver sequined Victoria’s Secret mini, which arrived just in time for Saturday’s big ‘do.

You’re OK by us, Coco.  You and your butt cleavage.