Coco Fights For Her Right To Bear Cleavage [PHOTOS]

It was bound to happen.  Sooner or later one of the fashion glossies was going to speak up about Coco’s…um…wardrobe (bediplomatic, bediplomatic).

Cosmopolitan Magazine included a photo of Coco in their monthly feature of Sexy vs. Skanky with the caption, “Showing your pups while walking your dogs.”  Coco was not going to take this slam lying down, so she took to Twitter on Wednesday: “Cosmo is always talkin crap about me!Paparazzi took pics while I was at dog park!They think I’m skanky cuz I’m wearing a tank top??So stupid.”

She then posted a rather racy photo of herself (racy by my standards, at least), writing, “Pic of the day!!! Screw Cosmo Magazine!!  Keep talking crap..i know my own power. Ladies at Cosmo need to embrace theirs!”

Teach it like ya preach it, Coco!