Coco Backs That Ass Up To ‘Good Morning America’ [PHOTOS]

Ice & Coco Get Hitched
The reality couple renewed their vows in Hollywood.
Oh Coco.  You and your stretchy tops and bottom and pink lipstick.  Go ‘head girl, show off that ass.

The reality star stopped by Good Morning America today (February 2nd) to talk about donating to charity and the season two premiere of Ice Loves Coco February 19th on E!.

“Up Early,curled my hair,now on my way to Good Morning America!I’ll be on live at 850am (est) also,I’ll be donating my coats to charity,” Coco tweeted today.  Better than that?  She tweeted about her nipple ring to celebrate the sexiest day of the week: Showin some nipple rings on Titty Tuesday in my favorite place in the world..My shoe closet!!”