Coco Austin Celebrates Summer In A Teeny Bikini [PHOTOS]

July 19th, 2011 // 7 Comments

We can’t help but like Coco Austin, thanks to her reality show with hubby Ice-T.  The Ice Loves Coco star wore her signature “tiny pieces of fabric” bikini while the rest of her soaked up the Miami sun.  Though we might not run to the shops to snatch up our own Coco bikini, we salute E!‘s newest reality star for her devil-may-care attitude.

LISTEN: Coco Austin Records “Shoe Freak”

Many thanks to Coco for making us gals feel free to run on the beach, regardless of our size and percentage of wobbly bits.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Ned

    disgusting. hideous. pig.

  2. Coco Austin Bikini Beach Miami
    Roger M
    Commented on this photo:

    What is she trying to show off? She’s fat and disgusting, no one wants to see her in any type of swimsuit.

  3. Sal Coates

    Sal Coates to Coco Austin: You are very beautiful, sexy, shapely, & you have curves! I would love to take you between the sheets for some passionate lovemaking, & I have a 9″ penis that would enjoy exploring your vagina! Let’s get together very soon & get in bed! Coco Austin to Sal Coates: Oh! Sal! Thank you for your kind words! I’d love to climb into bed with you & feel your 9″ penis enjoying my vagina! We would have a lot of fun after we start enjoying passionate lovemaking with each other! Let’s do it soon!

  4. Sal Coates

    Sal Coates posting a summary of his lengthy 1st date with Coco Austin: Coco & I met at a fine restaurant in Las Vegas, NV, & dined on prime rib, baked potato, salad, dinner rolls, milkshakes, & apple pie a la mode! After dining, we went to my hotel room in Caesar’s Palace, slowly took our clothes off, then kissed, caressed, fondled, & massaged each other! When our foreplay was complete & we wanted a closer union, I told Coco to lie down on her back & spread her beautiful, sexy, & shapely legs! Coco did so eagerly & happily! I made passionate love to Coco, taking plenty of time as I satisfied her every sexual need & desire! I enjoyed Coco’s face, lips, hair, breasts, legs, & vagina, as I discovered the delights of Coco’s sweet flesh! My 9″ penis greatly enjoyed driving deeply into Coco’s vagina & reaching her clitoris! I thrilled Coco with delightful sensations of pleasure & delight, which coursed throughout her entire body! I brought Coco mega-orgasms & paroxyms of the sweetest feelings! After more than 100 thrusts of my penis into Coco’s vagina, I ejaculated my seed of copulation into her! Later…Coco kissed, licked, & sucked my penis! Then, Coco stroked, caressed, fondled, petted, & massaged my penis! Next, we showered together, dried each other off, & climbed back into bed, where we slept for 9 hours–1 hour of sleep for each inch of the length my penis! We slept well!

  5. Sal Coates

    Coco Austin’s version of her 1st date with Sal Coates: Sal & I enjoyed a fine meal, then we went to his hotel room, where we took off our clothes slowly, had a lot of fun in foreplay, then sexual intercourse! The sex was delightful & very satisfying–Sal thrilled me with his passionate lovemaking & his 9″ penis felt great as Sal drove it deeply into my vagina! Later, I kissed, licked, & sucked Sal’s penis, then stroked, caressed, fondled, petted, & massaged it! We showered together, dried each other off, got back in bed, & slept for 9 hours–1 hour for each inch of Sal’s penis! We slept well! It was an absolutely fantastic 1st date–Sal is a kind man!

  6. Coco Austin Bikini Beach Miami
    Sal Coates
    Commented on this photo:

    Coco Austin is a very beautiful, sexy, & shapely young woman–she has curves & I desire to enjoy her body! My 9″ penis wants to repeatedly thrust deeply into Coco’s vagina! As I make passionate love to Coco, I’ll satisfy her & discover the delights of her flesh! I will ejaculate my seed of copulation into Coco, then, later…Coco will kiss, lick, & suck my penis! Coco & I will have fun between the sheets as we enjoy the most passionate lovemaking, kissing, & caressing! Coco’s lips, tongue, & mouth will thrill my penis!

  7. Sal Coates

    Coco Austin & I planned a wedding at a small wedding chapel in las vegas, nevada, as soon as she was free to marry again, both lawfully & legally! After the ceremony, we planned to spend 3 delightful weeks together in palm springs, california, enjoying the sunshine, swimming, spa treatments, sightseeing,, & fine dining! most of all, our united hearts would seek to find pleasure & sexual satisfaction through the most delightful foreplay & lovemaking any couple ever enjoyed! coco & i were well aware that to get off to the best start possible in our married life, we needed to be committed closely to following God & His plan for us as individuals, as well as a married couple. we would regularly read & study the Bible, meditate upon spiritual things, pray, & attend Church Services! only by being in tune with our Creator, would we know the best that He had to offer us in life! coco & i also determined that from the very start of our married life, we would seek to please each other & be as unselfish as we could be as we lived together! with the very best of intentions, coco & i began our regular sexual relations & we soon discovered that the quality of our sexual expressions of love for each other were best seen by the quantity of time we spent in bed together, making sweet, passionate love to each other, between the sheets! coco & i loved each other so deeply, we sometimes found that our lovemaking sessions were lasting more than 3 hours & it wasn’t unusual for us to spend a great deal of the dark hours of a day totally absorbed in satisfying our sexual needs, desires, & fantasies! coco & i found that by cutting back on some of the time we might have spent sleeping, we could better develop our feelings of love & appreciation for each other! during one of the most delightful nights we had in palm springs, coco began moaning, sighing, & squealing with delight & pleasure as i POUNDED MY BIG, THICK, HARD, ERECT, & EAGER, 9″ PENIS DEEPLY INTO HER VAGINA! THEN, SHE SCREAMED WITH SATISFACTION & BEGGED ME FOR DEEPER THRUSTS OF MY PENIS, AS SHE SAID: “OH! RON! YOU FEEL SO GOOD! PLEASE DRIVE YOUR BIG, THICK PENIS DEEPER & DEEPER INTO ME!” “GLADLY, COCO!” WAS MY REPLY! THAT SPECIAL TIME LASTED NEARLY 1 HOUR, THEN I EJACULATED MY SEED OF COPULATION INTO COCO! LATER…COCO KISSED MY PENIS WITH HER LUSCIOUS LIPS, LICKED MY PENIS WITH HER DELIGHTFUL TONGUE, & SUCKED MY PENIS WITH HER EAGER MOUTH! OUR 3 WEEK HONEYMOON WAS TRULY SPECIAL TO COCO & ME! WE ARE STILL DEEPLY IN LOVE!

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