Coco Attempts A Sexy Pose In Her Barely-There Bikini [PHOTOS]

Nicole “Coco” Austin made a valiant attempt at looking sexy for the camera yesterday (November 5th), but fell victim to the powerful waves that splashed her ashore.  With her bikini line heading awkwardly north, Coco  showed off her enormous boobs and ample behind.  JeepersCreepers, lady.  What do you find those things?

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Comparatively speaking, this is a very modest bikini.  We often find Coco in nothing more than a few pieces of dental floss.  According to her tweets, Coco and husband Ice-T are filming the second season of their E! reality show, Ice Loves Coco: “Miami has nice weather.Perfect day 4 the beach!I’m down here shootin my show but 1st I need 2 frolick n the sand & catch some soon.”

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Coco then tweeted, “Went 2 the beach & was mobbed by paparazzi!Today I gave them a show & worked it in the water.Your gonna see pics all over the net soon,watch.”