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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Girly Girl



  2. Viva los Pantalones!

    …does she know she has a run in her outfit?

  3. tia

    At first when this said Coco I thought of Courtney Cox daughter lol. Then I clicked on it and saw this creature wearing this outrageous outfit. Looks like she has a camel toe. This is the woman married to Ice T right ??? Jeez.

  4. C

    Two Words: Camel Toe

  5. jen

    She looks like a man who has just had his final operation to become a woman….somebody tell her that showing skin doesn’t automatically make you look like a woman!

  6. dottie

    my god… this is just… wow. are you kidding me? who says, “yeah.. wear that one! you look great!” ??

  7. kylie

    Heh??? Who???

  8. Laurie Ann

    Whatever stylist told her she looks good in that should be shot immediately!!!

  9. casey

    this dress is like that billboard for showgirls or one of those early 90′s movies

  10. andrea

    were does this woman shop? Hookers R Us?

  11. johnnygirl

    I agree Jen. She has *very* big jaws, among other things.

  12. RunawayPoster



  13. susan

    ewe and yuck!

  14. Beckah

    That’s a crime.

  15. kathotdog

    In response to: “yeah.. wear that one! you look great!” ??
    Coco is married to Ice-T, the Original Gangster and one time pimo, so yeah, I’m sure he said: Yeah…wear that one! You look Great!

  16. ravenswing

    Like Tia, I was hoping for a picture of the Arquette’s little doll, but what a disappointment. Ew.

  17. ...

    Everytime I see her it’s like seeing a picture of a very dear friend! I LOVE her and her husband together and I have absolutely no idea why! They should have their own reality show! I’d buy the DVDS!!

  18. James

    WTF? Y’all must all be girlies or gay.

    That’s a woman. I’d hit that 3 times!

    Did kinda ruin it for me though when I discovered it was Ice-T’s ole lady….thats one nasty lookin mf.

  19. amanda

    can anyone say, “camel-toe”?

  20. Abby

    who makes these outfits?? and why?

  21. doofus

    I’m with Jen on this one…

    I know she’s got the whole “severe” look going on, but the jaw line is just SO manly.

    she looks like an attendee from the Adult Video Awards.

  22. B Weezy

    I second the notion on hitting it. All jealous women in here.

  23. cookie monster

    what’s with her man-gina?

  24. Tits McGee

    I’d hit it on the front yard on Thanksgiving Day with the neighborhood watching. Bunch of haters here.

  25. Tealeaf

    Since she likes looking cheap or whorish, why don’t she just become a porn star, so she can make some money while being sleazy!

  26. KittyLiterati

    Straight men are so hilarious–always talking about how they’d bang supposedly “beautiful” (in this case, “trashtastic”) women, but usually not being worth the five seconds it would take Coco to untuck her nutsack.

  27. Lena

    Jen: I couldn’t agree more. She’s a he.

  28. doofus

    “untuck her nutsack”…

    oh, kitty, you are the living end!

    yeah, they’d “bang” her, and we’re all jealous!

  29. RunawayPoster

    A dress like this COULD come in handy. You wouldn’t have to tell your admirer what STD’s you have, they can just check it out themselves.

  30. peanut

    Pimps make great stylists!

  31. Nathalie


  32. kerri

    This is not camel toe this is a whole damn camel FOOT!!!!She’s going to get a yeast infection from such tight rayon.

  33. ardenm

    Wow–she’s a REALLY HOT drag queen! Snaps, giiirl…

  34. That’s the worst case of scoliosis I’ve ever seen.

  35. lucylu

    does anyone else think the crotch of that outfit must really smell? it just looks like it smells like stinky coochee. i’m just saying…..i could be wrong…..

  36. tess

    You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl.

  37. redsoxmama

    This was so horrid that I forwarded it to….let them tear it up good and proper

  38. jenna

    she looks like she has a fupa.

  39. goil

    but Ice-T really loves her for her mind.

  40. lord vader

    and Ice-t says…”bitch better have my money”

  41. Veruca


  42. Momo

    Did you guys notice that her right boob is like wayyyy bigger than her left?

  43. Lil’ Kim’s in jail, and a newbie takes up the gauntlet.


  44. LP

    THAT is the best boob job on a man I’ve ever seen. Only a transexual or a Russ Meyer actress would try to pull off an outfit like that.

  45. Joe Camel

    Common fella’s, if this walked into your office, you wouldn’t get a woody?

  46. Emma in London

    Camel toe anyone?


    For those who insist on hating… Check out the outfit before you try to down it. This is not a dress people. It is clearly a wide legged cat suite.In translation’s for those who still don’t know what that is. It is a one piece pant’s outfit. Yes, she doe’s have a masculine jaw line but that don’t make her a man. Chyna from wrestling also has one but she is a woman. Her outfit also don’t make her a whore. She is looking to get a reaction out of the people. As for “us” woman we try to out do one another when we go out. When we do so, some people make like our outfit’s and some won’t. That’s just how it is. You can’t please everyone. If she is comfortable with the outfit that is all that matter’s. You people are alway’s so cruel and judgemental. You alway’s have something negative to say.Alway’s. Also, to comment on her private area is so tacky. Of course you will trash my comment because you all don’t like positive comment’s. As long as everyone hop on the ignorant band wagon you are welcomed to comment but if you are not down with the bashing you get tongue lashed. It’s okay with me though because I don’t get off trashing peolple.

  48. fox

    She’s fantastic.

    Some women don’t realize that while they’re saying Coco is a bad example of a woman and all that crap, you’re denying another woman’s right to choose the way she looks and not get torn to pieces over it. You’re all more superficial than she is. It’s ridiculous! I guarantee all of you are beautiful in some ways to someone (believe it or not), Coco is fucking gorgeous to me and lots of other men and some women too, but you’re all hating on her.

    The funny thing is, if Coco were here and it was your body all over this page, I’m willing to bet she wouldn’t have a damn bad word to say about you, and THAT is what is important, not whether you idiots approve of what she looks like or not.

    Just keep high fiving each other and making pukey faces at the pretty blonde girl with the big fake titties, I hope that makes you all feel very mature and honourable.


  49. Vikomuri

    Not her best pic, granted, but this woman is very attractive for her age. See some other photos and compare.

    It’s funny seeing the venomous replies by intimidated men, and especially, the jealous conservative women… because she is not hiding her figure.

    But that won’t stop you from looking at the men in the underwear advertisements or Brad Pitt in Troy.

    Cameltoe is a bad thing? Uh… what the hell is wrong with you people? How does that differ from cleavage or a man showing chest, biceps, or bulge?

    Sexual provocation is what sells EVERYTHING. Wake up and smell the pheromones.

    I dare any of the female haters to put down the KFC and Hagen Daaz and put up half the effort when pushing forty.

    Nah, it’s easier to be flabby and hateful. After all, you can always blame child bearing for the decline in your physical appearance and diminished sex drive, while with each anniversary you look more and more like a burrito.

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