Cocktails in Hand? It’s Friday Photos!

Shew! What a week…

First of all, The Golden Globes happened on Sunday in case you were living under a rock. Click the link to check out all the coverage and if you just want the fashions, go here.

You know who also had a good week? Britney Spears! Her song is blowing up!

And Sandra Bullock had a bad week: first her Golden Globe hair and outfit, then the news that ex-husband Jesse James is engaged to Kat von D. Poor thing.

Well, we’re bringing you photos from the last week from all over the globe and giving you our funny captions! Feel free to share your own on each photo and if you like any of the stories on, including this one, you can use that ‘share’ doohickey below to spread it out amongst your friends, like VD.

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