Coachella Will Not Be Taxed Or Relocated, Plus 2012 Best Performances [PHOTOS]

Coachella 2012
Celebs enjoy day 1 of the music festival.
Good news my fellow Coachella goers! The Indio City Council member who created a new ticket tax just backed down. Thank goodness, because I do not know how I’d be able to afford the 5-to-10 percent interest rate in addition to the $300 and something ticket. I’m already selling an arm and leg to try to afford my ticket.

This also means that Paul Tollett, festival promoter president, will not have to threat with relocation. So all and all, everything appears to be back to normal in Coachella land.

We should suspect the same celebrity hipsters, entertaining potheads, and epic performances that we have all grown to appreciate since 1999. To celebrate this fact, I’ve created a gallery on last year’s best eight performances. Launch the gallery to see who I picked!