CNN Apologizes For Kathy Griffin As She Films’ Law & Order: SVU’

Life on the D-List star, Kathy Griffin, would be unrecognizable if she weren’t surrounded by controversy. It’s as much as part of her persona as that red hair of hers. CNN reportedly imposed a ban on Griffin and has since issued an apology in a statement which says it “regrets that profanity was used” during its New Year’s Eve programming hosted by Griffin and news correspondent Anderson Cooper.

As for Kathy, who purposely mispronounced Falcon Heene’s name (AKA Balloon Boy) for comedic purposes joked that she “struggled to pronounce his name ‘Falcon’ correctly and have gotten a kick out of how many ways I’ve heard it pronounced by other serious reporters.”

The comedian’s career seems to be going full-steam ahead, with a guest spot on Law & Order: SVU as a lesbian activist. Whatever heinous crime was committed, I’m pretty sure Kath did it. But I still forgive her.