George Clooney Gets Called Out By Fabio

January 16th, 2008 // 8 Comments

George Clooney nearly dodged a giant, muscular Italian bullet during a misunderstanding at a restaurant between himself and the long-haired romance novel poster boy, Fabio. At least, that’s the song Fabio’s singing to Details magazine. Fabio’s still talking about the incident, calling George “a dog whose noise is worse than his bite” and saying that he’s still “pissed.” I imagine his smack talk included a couple of incredulous declarations of not believing it was butter peppered throughout the dialogue for good measure.

“He laid a hand on me, so it would have been self-defense if I had been beaten him down.” Ha! Fabio should be happy the two of them nearly tussled because besides occasionally almost getting into fights with George Clooney, there’s probably not much else Details magazine would want to interview him for. And in his defense, George has responded by saying, “Oh yeah? Well, Fabio has split ends. There, I said it.” OK, not really, but I’m really hoping to see some heartthrobs go at it, so I’m just throwing it out there.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Nanc'

    Wow, two “old” guys in a bitch-fight. That’s hot.
    Why don’t they just drop trou, do a comparison and be done with it?

  2. GammaGirl

    Why would anyone give Fabio the impression that anything he says is relevant?

  3. devil

    Damn, Fabio’s still ALIVE?!?

    Who knew till now? George did him a huge favor.

  4. Observer

    Not defending Fabio or anything but George Clooney has become a real tool lately. All he does is yap yap yap like a little dog with nothing of any interest or significance coming out.

    He’s a boring, one-note actor too. I have fallen asleep in every one of his movies that I have had the misfortune to find myself in.

    Fabio, on the other hand, while admittedly a joke… has never been boring. Okay I guess that was a defense.. but true.

  5. Persistent Cat

    Gotta respectively disagree with you, Observer.

    George is ridiculously hot and very funny. Fabio is… well, Fabio is Fabio. ‘Nuff said. Ew.

    I love that George hasn’t really mentioned it and Fabio still won’t shut up about it. Why? Because people are talking to him again. I’m sure he’s using this as an opportunity to whore himself for a reality show. Somebody block the entrances to VH1.

  6. Observer

    Disagree with me all you want, respectfully or otherwise. It doesn’t change Clooney’s yappity idiot tool status.

  7. stacy

    Fabio is the Gold Standard!

  8. crystelle

    Stacy I totally agree with you! Fabio is the Gold Standard, once I start looking at pics of him I can’t stop, there is no-one that compares to him except maybe a younger Brad Pitt, but even Brad doesn’t have the body Fabio has. Fabio is just the complete package, hot, sexy, Italian, and the accent is off the charts, beefy & not skinny, with a tremendous sense of humor which is highly underrated. Fabios only problem may be that his looks may have actually worked against him somewhat, too intimidating. Even so, I don’t know why we don’t see more of Fabio and less of others. Fabio co-write some more hot steamy nasty novels so I can think about you while I’m reading!

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