Clive Owen Front and Center

January 22nd, 2007 // 1 Comment

Being the new face of Lancome beauty products and friends with Armani earns you VIP privileges. For instance tailor made suits and front row seats.

Clive Owen, a Giorgio fan since 2005, was in the front row of his friend’s Milan Fall/Winter fashion show. The cream of the crop showed up for show last Wednesday. The male models ruled the runway drenched in black or charcoal hues. Layers of shirts, vests, and jackets draped over the men as they carried man bags that would make Nicole Richie jealous.

Clive was thrilled with Giorgio’s work and explained his admiration.

“I’ve always liked Giorgio Armani because I admire nice, understated clothes – nothing shouting out that I’m a serious fashion guy. I don’t follow trends, and Armani is perfect for that. He is subtle, elegant, and doesn’t chase the scene.”

Clive and Armani, what could be better?


By Cara Harrington
  1. sec

    The only thing better than clive and armani is clive taking OFF his armani.

    hubba hubba

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