Clive Davis Has Always Had An Issue With Kelly Clarkson

May 30th, 2007 // 16 Comments


It turns out that crotchety music mogul Clive Davis has had a problem with Kelly Clarkson for a loonnnggg time. Since her first album, in fact . He’s been quite blatant about his ill will towards her – most recently when he praised the songwriters of “Since U Been Gone” instead of her in a speech on “American Idol”. It’s being reported that she is pretty casual about monetary demands so that she can keep artistic control of her music. And this bothers his ass. Clive allegedly makes it a point to rank on the songs that she did contribute to her multi-platinum last album.

Our insider said, “She wrote all of the second album herself – including the hits ‘Because of You,’ ‘Behind These Hazel Eyes’ and ‘Walk Away.’ Clive hated ‘Because of You’ so much, he would routinely mock it in meetings. It was one of her most successful singles.”

I don’t blame him, that song sucks. Something about staying on the sidewalk because you abused me? Ugh. Keep reading for more on this battle.

The source added, “Kelly wanted to make a deeply personal record. Here’s an artist who didn’t demand more money, who handed in her record on time in January, after making him millions, and now he rips her? The music business is collapsing, and this is why. They won’t let people put out their real music. This is about his huge ego.”

But a Davis pal said, “Clive gave her ‘Hazel Eyes’ and ‘Walk Away’ and he gave her the production company to help make ‘Because of You’ a hit. We pay millions for the albums. This is incorrect.”

Neither camp has made any official comment. Though Kelly just added an extra track to her new album called “Clive Davis Has To Use A Colostomy Bag”.

By J. Harvey

  1. Zekers

    Hes just mad because he can’t control her. I think he had better get used to it. From what I hear, the Clive Davis’ of the world are going down; its all about self-promotion using the i-net. Sounds as though many newer artists are not going through labels anymore, just doing their own thing and making more money at it since there isn’t a promoter/label to take their cut.

  2. Shasta

    I’m with Kelly on this one – true artist not going for the dough, even if she is of AI fame.

  3. Pinkie

    I’m with you on the Because of You song. I never understood the asinine lyrics to that one. “I never stray too far from the sidewalk”???

    On the Clive/Kelly deal, I used to side with Clive until I read this story. I think he just has a strong dislike for her as a person and it carries over into everything. Poor business, Clive.

  4. Well

    I totally understand “I never stray too far from the sidewalk so I don’t get hurt part of the song. I love that song.

  5. Well

    I totally understand “I never stray too far from the sidewalk so I don’t get hurt” part of the song. I love that song.

  6. NJ

    I’m with Kelly on this, too.

    And whomever it was that said it’s about control is absolutely right. If she isn’t fighting for more money, he has nothing to hang over her head. The almighty dollar doesn’t factor into the equation here and she is in creative control of her career and able to put out the music she wants to make. Good for her.

    Stick it Clive.

  7. Jenny

    I think artists should be a ble to contribute to their albums. Who needs another manufactured Britney? There is a new artist who sounds like Kelly…..

  8. Bonghit

    Well, as time plays out, she will have her artistic integrity, and Clive will be dead.

  9. Bonghit

    Well, as time plays out, she will have her artistic integrity, and Clive will be dead.

  10. westward ho

    kelly just rocks. *shrug*

  11. westward ho

    kelly just rocks. *shrug*

  12. mark

    As much as I give Kelly her props, she did not write all of Breakaway by herself. She had considerable help from the pop “masters”. Yes, she contributed , and significantly on some, but she didn’t write the hits all by her lonesome. Even BOY had to be tuned up. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t have writing talent or something to say, but she needs to admit when she has some polishing help. She had it on this album too, even those she’s lead writer, others helped. So what?

    As to the rest, she certainly got more than 250,0000 for BA. Puhleeze.

    Some of this album’s previews have been alright, not smashing, but I would bet there are some things that jump right out. She’s very talented.

    I’m sure she’s saying she doesn’t need the money, I beleive her to an extent, but again, no doubt she’d like it to do well. Maybe not expecting BA numbers, but definitely not bargain bin stuff. And yes, most of them do want artistic control. It’s always a fight with bean counters. She has earned the right by virtue of giving them a hella big pot of beans in the last two years. She should be allowed to grow.

    All this will accomplish, really , is more interest so they win anyway.


  13. eric

    She sucks ass!!! Clive knows a thing or two about hit songs. To prove the point, did you hear her suck on american idol. She is awful. Down with the fat not talent bitch.

  14. Can't tell you

    I can tell you this having dealt with this old bafoon personally. He is SOOOOOO out of touch and if you aren’t BLACK he isn’t into it at all and THAT is a fact. We had a MAJOR dance hit and he wanted to turn it into a ROCK BLUES SOUND! No shit! He is 700 years old and hasn’t had any success in a LONG time from any artists or songs that are of his own decisions on who to sign. The days of Clive being significant are OVER. His OWN PEOPLE roll their eyes when he is out of the room. They told us after the meeting, “sorry, we know he is completely out there, but he’s still the boss unfortunately”. We didn’t sign with J then, and I am GLAD! You go Kelly, you are WAY better than he is and although I don’t like your new stuff, I LOVED the others. Get back with Ben and Max and make some hits girl. Or call me up ;)

  15. beb

    Clive Davis is completely out of touch with contemporary music…His biggest recent sellers have been ancient artists doing covers (Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow). Didn’t he “apply” this formula to Clay Aiken’s latest flop? He used to be relevant in the industry — he’s now the butt of jokes.

  16. eric

    Can’t tell you said: Ok everyone who believes that you had a hit song, start fingering your assholes. You douche, you nor anyone you know has ever been around a producer. so fuck off.

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