Clint Eastwood Honored at LA Film Festival

The legendary Clint Eastwood was honored at this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival’s Fourth Annual Spirit of Independence Award Ceremony. Clint’s award for his commitment to artistic independence in film, was presented to him by Tony Bennett

Tony and his new wife, Susan Crow, came to the event together. The newlyweds showed off their wedding rings and not surprisingly, Tony tells ET that he sang at their wedding reception.

Dustin Hoffman said of his friend Clint, “You can count on one hand people like Mr. Eastwood. … He’s ongoing, how many people are there like that in his field, in any field?”

Well said Dustin. Young hollywood, please take note.


More photos (Ryan Phillippe, Rosie Perez, Derek Luke, Adian Quinn, Emily Deschanel, Dylan McDermott, Tony Bennett, Terrence Howard, Richard Schiff, Emmy Rossum) from the 2007 Spirit Of Independence award ceremony honoring Clint Eastwood are after the jump.