Claymate’s Love Their Clay

You knew that the Clay Aiken webcam photos had to be too good to be true. The pop star couldn’t have been that stupid. Now the Claymates are now questioning almost every aspect of what John Paulus, Clay’s supposed hotel hook up has claimed.

‘Mr. Paulus states he met Clay Aiken at a Quality Inn on January 2? Perhaps you may want to check into the fact that Clay Aiken was finishing up his concert tour in Florida and then took his entire cast AND his mother and brother to Busch Gardens during that time. Post Chronicle did our bets to check that fact and it would appear to be accurate.

You see, Clay Aiken’s fan base even have pictures of Clay IN Florida at Busch Gardens and he had his family with him at the time along with the cast and the young boy and his family who appeared on tour with Clay. Clay took his mother and brother on the remainder of his tour after his Christmas break at home with his family. Now if you need to know the real facts. there isn’t a Clay Aiken fan you can’t talk to who can’t give you details on where Clay is at any given time.

There is a unique event that occurs on the Clay Aiken message boards at every single concert he does and it is called a “cellcert” where fans at the concert call a friend on their cellphone and they post the events on the message boards through the entire concert. I personally know the person who heads up the New England Fan Club and Clay Aiken was NOT staying at the Wyndam while in Boston, so that story was a lie also. (Referring to the story in the Enquirer)

Fans look for Clay’s bodyguard, Jerome at the hotels to scope out where he is staying or if he is staying on the bus and for a fact, there were several friends with Clay in Boston and they were staying in a suite at a very upscale hotel.’

Claymates vs. John Paulus: In Defense of Clay Aiken [Tittle Tattle]