Clay Aiken’s Boyfriend Got Nekkid!

May 25th, 2010 // 7 Comments

Alright.  There is a fifty-fifty chance you care about this one.  Stick with me here and you’ll see a naked dude.  Fair?

Reed Kelly, Clay Aiken‘s boyfriend, stripped down to his birthday suit during a performance of Broadway Bares, and we have the video!  See, I told you it was worth it.

The video is after the jump and is less safe for work than carpel tunnel syndrome and no lower back support in your office chair.

The striptease in question was to raise money for Broadway Cares, the nation’s leading industry-based, nonprofit AIDS fund raising and grant-making organization, as is the sale of them panties he’s wearing in that picture on ebay.

Just to demonstrate how opposites attract, I’ve added some pictures of a doughy, pale Clay Aiken grabbing a sammy in LA yesterday.

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By Nicole Steadman

  1. Jimjim

    He is one hot piece of ass.

  2. Rachel

    How come straight guys don’t have such cute tushes! :(

  3. Carrie

    Both Reed and Clay are hot pieces of ass.

  4. Jerry


    Straight guys do have cute tushes, you’re just looking at the wrong ones. Truthfully, I wish more gay guys had asses like that one.

    As far as that performance goes, I’m not sure Actors’ Equity dues cover that kind of act…

  5. Jennifer Andrew

    That’s a little embarrassing. I knew Reed growing up and he was a very talented dancer. He had a full ride scholarship to dance at The Julliard School and he ends up a stripper. Even stripping for charity is still stripping. You’d never guess his parents were pillars of the community would you? Dad is a former state senator and mom is superintendent of schools. It makes me sad.

  6. Cam

    Anyone ever tell you you’re a buzz kill Jennifer? I didn’t even watch the video (it’s been removed) but if the guy wants to strip for charity…let him. No need for judgement if the dude has good intentions and is only hurting himself, so to speak.

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