Clay Aiken’s Boy Toy

January 27th, 2006 // 40 Comments

I am shocked! Ah, no. It’s time for the Claymates to let go, and for Clay to embrace all things fruity. Amazingly, Clay managed to snag a former Army Ranger. John Paulus is now apparently spreading more than just his seed, he’s spreading his Clay Aiken story.

“On Dec. 16, using the screen name of ‘valleyprettyboy,’ Clay sent me his first instant message,” Paulus claims. He contends that, after a month’s correspondence, Clay admitted he wanted a “discreet bf.”

After arranging a meeting at a Quality Inn in Garner, N.C., Paulus says, “Clay told me his ex-lover was selfish and mean. And within five minutes he started to feel my arms and put his hands on my leg.

“We started to mess around and Clay said he wanted to have sex with me. Before I knew it, we were having unprotected sex. “He kept telling me, ‘We’re going to do this many more times.’”

Enquirer editors say Paulus has passed a lie-detector test. He’s also said to have saved his instant-message exchanges with Aiken, as well as a DNA-encrusted washrag. Not that he was planning to sell his tale, or anything.

Former Ranger claims he served as Aiken’s Claymate [R&M]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. CanadianGal

    This poor guy. Why does it matter that he’s gay? Why won’t people leave him alone? Please explain to someone from Canada, where we really don’t care who’s gay and who’s not. It’s not like he’s a major star who’s handpicked a handmaiden, forced her into Scientology and artificially inseminated her. Now that, I understand! But Clay isn’t living a fake life.

  2. Girly Girl

    Clay Aiken is gay and this makes news why?!?!?

    In other breaking news, the sun will set this evening. Humans will continue to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. And Paris Hilton will inexplicably continue to be given mainstream press coverage.

  3. ThrillKill

    I think it’s safe to assume that ‘discreet bf’ doesn’t refer to ‘boy friend’…

  4. akflave

    He is leading a fake life, actually, but I completely agree that he should be left alone.

  5. MyName

    Can someone please tell me why everyone thinks that Tom Cruise is gay? I have heard this rumor for a long time, but must have missed how it got started. He was married to Nicole Kidman for 10 years and dated Penelope Cruz and others before his relationship with Katie. Enlighten me please.

  6. Cosina

    The only one that should be exposed ridicule is Paulus for being an unethical creep.

  7. ThrillKill

    Uh, Cosina…typically one doesn’t keep a semen-encrusted washrag as a memento of authentic loving relationships…I think that the ‘Paulus is a creep’ angle will be explored pretty well.

  8. doofus

    while I would not ridicule anyone for their sexual orientation, he IS leading a “fake life”.

    he HIDES his SO, and lies about it, which is quite different from just not talking about it, or saying “it’s not anyone’s business”. His answers, when asked about who he’s dating, have been along the lines of “I just haven’t found the right GIRL yet…” It would be just as easy to say “I don’t like to talk about my personal life…why not ask me about my music?”

    I think the problem that a lot of people have with this situation is that, by deliberately hiding it, it’s perceived that he’s ashamed of it.

    On a personal note, I think his voice is BEAUTIFUL…he was my pick to win AI that year. I don’t buy his music because I don’t like the style, but he does have an amazing voice.

  9. doofus

    oh, and cosina, I agree with you 100%.

    the guy clearly had other intentions besides just sex when he met up with Clay. creep doesn’t say the half of it.

  10. Girly Girl

    Ah, MyName. Fix yourself a cocktail, make yourself comfortable, and prepare for the homosexual spectacular that is Tommy Cruise.

    Tom is gay. Balls to the wall queer. He USED to have excellent handlers- and after movies like All the Right Moves, Risky Business, and that army school movie- they decided they make a lot more money if they put him up for hottie male leads- i.e. ROMANTIC- parts. They were right. Enter Maverick…

    Marriage #1: Mimi. WAY older. Ended up getting a picture deal out of it- Someone ot Watch Over Me. Eventually her hormones kicked in and she bailed.

    Marriage #2: Kidman. Everyone who has ever had ANY contact with either of them as a married couple- or him ever- verifies one must sign an iron clad Confidentiality Agreement. Apparently if you talk, he gets to harvest your organs and sacrifice them to L Ron Hubbard or something.

    She was the perfect wife. No one knew crap about her. Her family lived 6,000 miles away. She was young, and therefore, amenable to his double life. They had a business agreement- they adopted, she got to play mommy, and make movies, and have a lot of money. But like every good girl, she grew up and she got tired of his shit, got a bf – and that when TC divorced her. In truth- their prenup stated at the 10 year mark she got a shitload of cashola… he filed 9 years and 9 months in… That whole ‘Nicole was preggers and lost the baby’ spin? Just that- spin. ANYTHING to make Cruise look straight- including creating a story that he kicked his pregnant wife out.

    GF Penelope: Barely speaks English. She did it for the PR. And she got Vanilla Sky.

    Katie: Oh. My. God. Word is actually ALL OVER THE PLACE that after he fired Pat Kingsley and hired his sister for his agent- his secret life quickly started unraveling… so he and sis actually AUDITIONED chicks for this roll. I heard that in exchange for the beard- they get a 3 picture deal with a major studio, and financially set up for life. Jessica Alba thought about it, but decided it was creepy. Katie, trying to claw her way to A list- took the bait. Her own parents dont speak to her…

    Its all very sordid and messy. I hope some day someone has the balls to out him because its one thing to be queer and afraid to open the closet to your family and because you think you may lose your 24,000/year job. Its another thing altogether to emply a small army of people- lawyers, doctors, handlers, agents- to perpetuate a mythology so you can pad your fucking wallet.

    After his psych dis of Brooke Shields? Tommy is DEAD TO ME. For real. I boycotted War of the Words and that asshole will never get another one of my dollars… I hope Katie has Post Partum Psychosis and tries to kill his sorry ass… he can take her to the celebrity center for a nice colon cleaning and I’m sure she’ll feel MUCH better…

  11. That was an awesome summary GirlyGirl

    That was so entertaining!

  12. Fugly Girl

    Right on Girly Girl! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    On another note, don’t you think it may be difficult for someone as young as Clay to be so open about his sexual orientation? I think a lot of homosexual people struggle with this, I mean look how we the public react? I don’t blame the poor guy for not being so OUT.

  13. Green Eyed Angel

    I am speachless. That was truely amazing! (And I am rarely at a loss for words)

  14. ihatecelebs

    I thought this was a Clay Aiken post. How did it disolve into dissing Tom Cruise (which I fully advocate, by the way.)

    On Clay: This is obviously a shakedown. Clay Aiken is no dumbass. I seriously doubt that he would ever do something as stupid as advertise for bf sex online and expect the person who responds to keep quiet about it. His name isn’t Richard Simmons! I think poor Clay is a target cause he’s just a nice guy.

    On Tom: Absolutely, 200%, dyed-in-the-wool GAY! Mimi Rogers went on record saying that she wanted kids and Tom couldn’t provide them. Then, he goes and ADOPTS 2 kids with Nicole? What do you want to bet within a year or so of marrying Keith Urban, she pops out a kid. And Katie? Obviously this mentally-unglued Cruise read somewhere that she was obsessed with him as a teen and thought she’d make a great beard. I mean, what, he just all of a sudden sees her in Dawson’s Creek and decides he HAS to have her? Bullshit. Ditto on the “baby”. It’s a strap-on. Angelina’s been getting bigger every day and she’s only been “out” for a few weeks. Katie’s “pregnancy” was announced months ago and hasn’t grown at all. In any event, biological or adopted, this kid will be an alien.

  15. ilostmyshoe

    Clay Aiken is gay ?

    Here’s another newsflash. You need air and water to live.

    It really doesn’t matter what team Clay likes to play with. It’s just sad he needs to keep up a charade or deny, deny, deny. Get out and move on Clay baby !

  16. KittyLiterati

    GirlyGirl, you’re my hero. I commission you to write the Book of Cruise.

    The real issue with Clay Aiken is not his sexuality, but rather the fact that he’s practically annoying in every way (which I guess in some weird logical sense makes him the anti-Mary Poppins).

  17. doofus

    oh, girly girl…I know I can always count on you to tell it like it is. and in such a humnorous way…!

    I have a couple of things to add…

    Regarding his marriage to Kidman, word is that they had SEPARATE WINGS, not just separate rooms. the whole thing with her being pregnant and miscarrying was all part of his story for why they broke up. Now, remember, they adopted because HE was unable to have children. so, when she allegedly miscarries, he can say “she must have cheated on me because I can’t have kids” and there you go. very convenient.

    Regarding the “auditions”, there were a few actresses he was interested in. Alba was one, but I heard he also met with Scarlett Johanssen, and tried to get meetings with Lohan and one of the Olsens. EW! Katie was the only one dumb or desperate enough to take the deal. And let’s face it…what is she known for besides Dawson’s Creek? She needed the exposure – the other girls didn’t.

  18. anona

    Girly Girl- Luvs it!! But can you expound more on Katies’ Yuck Mouth? Also, what about the connection between Will (also closet gay) and Jada Smith and TomKitty? Will is supposedly either involved or already a member of scientology due to Tom’s influence? Any thoughts?

  19. Kelsey

    Girly Girl, you pretty much just made my weekend. That was soooooooo awesome. Do you have a blog? You need a blog. hook up with mui, cuz holy shit i was killing myself
    awesome!!! Ya tommy is dead to me too, he scares the shit out of me.”
    Clay? well.. nice voice, weiner of a guy, and dont’ care if he’s gay. I just wish people would be upfront about it and not be ashamed.
    hence my disliking for tom and his psycho-plans…

  20. MyName

    Thanks Girly Girl. I now consider myself in the know. :)

  21. Girly Girl

    Thank you… thank you…. I have an uncanny gift to smell bullshit from a mile away.

    And for the record?I live in PA. But I can smell the Cruise compound from here…

    Bottoms Up!

    (p.s. I freaking loooove this site! I spend way too much time here- as you all can tell. I hate it when people get all serious like yesterday over the Jolie-Pitt Maddox is a monster thing… its like, lighten up peeps! But most of the time? This place makes me LMAO)

  22. Becky Fuller

    Using that photo in your blog has got to be the most disgusting, lowest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. You’re sick.

  23. cooper2

    You know, the guy has never remotely shown a pediphilia tendency; I think the photo is over the line.

    Who cares about the man’s orientation, but the intimation of a criminal act with a child is sooo wrong. Now that might actually bring out the lawyers.

    And he does have an amazing voice….

  24. finallypissedoff

    How in god’s name can you justify using that photo of Aiken along with your headline? Why would someone in your already tenuous position as a gossip blogger alienate and enrage your gay readers by juxtaposing that with the story of Clay being gay…you WANT to perpetrate hatred and misinformation about homosexuals? You WANT your gay friends to continue to be denied rights and maligned as pedophiles? What the fuck is the matter with you?

  25. cooper2

    Sorry, forgot to comment on the TomKat.
    Don’t know if he’s gay or not, but he’s definitely a wacked out clam. Well, in my estimation. Course, she’s sorta weird herself…you never see her without a strange look on her face or her hair combed for that matter. Those two skeer me.

    I don’t dislike him because of rumors, as a person’s sex life is their own, but I can’t stand his preachiness about stuff he knows nothing about.

  26. this is too much

    I wanted to comment on the use of that picture but I see others have beaten me to it. We wonder why more people don’t come out of the closet? Because as soon as someone says gay someone else says pedophile. I love this site but if you have any compassion you will take that picture down. Clay may be gay but he also works with children and this is just something he doesn’t need.

  27. adoredior

    I must admit, I LOVE all of the people stating unequivocally that Clay Aiken is GAY GAY GAY as if they’ve actually slept with him. Hee. The truth is, no one knows for sure except Clay.

    The picture used with this post is sick. Homosexual does not mean pedophile. Just gross.

  28. bestdress

    This is very gross! I don’t understand why people bother Clay so much??? We all know Clay is gay and he needs to pray but this is just gross!

  29. shell

    Doesn’t Clay look like a young Barry Manilow?

  30. Alexi

    Clay isn’t even a bit good looking. And is pretty feminine a very scrawny way.

    Intuitively, I knew he had to be gay. But look, it shouldn’t matter if he is gay or not but why is he so ashamed

  31. adoredior

    “Gaydar” doesn’t exist. All it is a pretty way of saying “sterotyping”. Just because Clay is skinny, Southern and raised by women doesn’t mean he’s gay. That would mean half my guy friends are. Not to mention my brother, who is happily married to a woman. I fear for my gay friends sometimes, with all the homophobia in the world. They always say to me, “You can’t LOOK at a person and tell if he or she is gay… but people think you can. That’s why so many people get beaten up…”

    Sometimes I also fear for Clay. He just doesn’t deserve this kind of shit.

  32. Girly Girl's Crack Pipe

    Girly Girl you are such a spotlight whore! I think you are lame and your take on Tom Cruise is lame. It is also not original. The very things you mentioned have been circling around Hollywood for years. So what is so original about your story? You are all over this site and you need to stop.

    You were pathetic on the Maddox Jolie discussion. Trying to dictate whether people should be serious or not. Stop being a dictator. You sound lame. For the record, I live in Hollywood and work in the entertainment businesss. I could give way more insight into these subjects than I do but I am not a “listen to me rant and rave” whore like you are. Please stay in PA where you belong.

    Clay Aiken: Cute enough to be gay so I vote gay. But agree that his life is his life and his sexuality should be a private issue.

  33. sleestaks rock

    Clay should’ve known his “secret” would start to leak out once he moved back to NC. In the Hollywood homosexual community, it was never much of a “secret” that Clay was known to meet guys off of the internet. But the Hollywood gays are pretty insular and known for protecting one another’s penchants.

    What’s laughable is the Claymates that are in total denial over this, refusing to believe it. Can anyone say Liberace?
    Now that this news has surfaced, (oh and try googling Mario Cruz as well – this isn’t the first allegation) Clay’s other internet trysts will also start coming to light.

    As for him staying in the closet, one only has to know that his publicist is also part of the Hollywood homosexual community.

  34. ProfessorVP

    Some of you posters don’t get it. I don’t like the idea that Clay Aiken can have a luxurious life and money hand over fist and bask in the public’s admiration while hiding and lying about his sexuality, which in turn keeps the whole stupid structure going– decent qualified teachers hiding and lying, parents and children hiding and lying to each other, the folks in the military serving their country hiding and lying, all the way down to the counterman at McDonald’s having to keep a secret to hold down a minimum wage job. It is so effin OLD already, and people like Clay keep it going on and on and on. It’s dumb and it’s useless and divides people and only causes misery.

  35. Girly Girl

    Girly Girl’s Crack Pipe,

    BITE ME, ASSWIPE. If you are so damn ‘in the know’ then post- that is what this damn blog is for. Otherwise, shut the hell up and go back to your ‘enterntainment’ job (washing dishes at Medievel Knights does NOT qualify as a job in the ‘entertainment industry’).

    I’m going out on a limb here and thinking you are either a TC sycophant that the Scientologists have paid to scour the web and attack funny people like me, or you are just a complete moron.

    Either way, pal, I win.

    Have a nice day.

  36. Fugly Girl

    Amen Girly Girl. Crack Pipe’s post was about the dumbest piece of sh*t I’ve ever read. That whole line about, if you must know I work in the entertainment industry…..give me a break. Being a jiz mopper on the set of pornos does not a celebrity expert make. Get over yourself Crack Pipe, you are doing exactly what you are accusing Girly Girl of doing. I bet you drive a beamer and have just purchased the latest pair of True Religion jeans because US Weekly listed it in the “buzz” section.

  37. emmarose

    Girly Girl is exactly right. OF COURSE TOMMY IS GAY. My aunt’s best friend has been a publicist in L.A. for like 25 years? or something. She’s filthy rich and has dirt on everyone. Even she believed up until maybe 10 years ago that Tom could be bi or straight, but she said EVERYONE knows he’s gay. EVERYONE. He has been his entire career like GG said. Even since Risky Business. He’s hidden it very very well. I thought, wow why does he have all these publicists and lawsuits? His feelings must really get hurt. Now, it’s like duh! Kathy (the publicist) said that anyone in the biz of course knows and laugh that the general public still doesn’t. He dresses like a Ken doll and wears makeup. He’s such a psycho really. He will never come out because he’s too obsessed with power and money. Never. He had an Asian American boyfriend who was a pilot and I think the Kyle Chandler (porn guy) stuff was for real but he sued his ass off. This time, Tom was with Rob Thomas (Matchbox 20) who is bi and got busted by Rob’s wife Marisol who was going to out Tommy until he paid her a shitload of money and immediately went into damage control with Katie Holmes. He had on his list of auditions Lindsay Lohan (too much family drama), Jessica Alba (too skanky), Scarlett J. (said no way to Tom), the Olsens (never considered it), Katie (Bingo! You’ve won!), and I think maybe even some others that haven’t been mentioned. He’s a timebomb ticking away because his public is going to eventually figure this out unless they’re complete dumbasses or something. He’s gay gay gay gay gay and always has been. Now Will Smith I wasn’t aware of. Does that mean Jada Pickett is a lesbo? She kind of looks like one a little. Who knows. Those Hollywood people are so nutty I’m glad to have my humble private nice normal life in North Carolina. I mean seriously.

  38. Rickyrod46

    if it dosent matter that Clay is gay, then maybe this closted, fearful gay man should come out instead of hiding it (thats sick). Hes afraid that this may affect his career ( did it hurt Elton, Melissa, Ricky etc…) & MONEY-WHAT WE HAVE HERE IS GOING TO BE ANOTHER MICHAEL JACKSON-and we dont need another FREAK OUT THERE-HEY CLAY GROW UP AND QUIT YOUR DAMN LYING! IF YOURE GAY YOURE GAY!!!!!!

  39. rickyrod46

    Why dump on the guy that outed Clay-Clay is the liar-And in this day & age you have to get some kind of proof-and this Guy has it. Kudos to Him. If he just came out and said this-every asshole would call him a liar, he stated his reasons for coming out with this story-Clay only wanted sex and then dump him. Clay seems to be the idiot here and wants to take advantage of people because of his medicre staus as a singer-Remember Clay you lost-and you lost this one.

  40. Empathy

    About the Clay being Gay.

    omg, what is wrong with u people, look at his sex appeal and the way he shakes that cute little ass of him. i mean if someone cant see that he is straight what is with this world. CLay baby, if your out there, come get me cause i no u aint gay.

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