Classic Hollywood Throwback Thursday Featuring Montgomery Clift

For our second classic Hollywood TBT, I decided to go for someone I know you guys will absolutely love. And not just because he’s going to be played by Matt Bomer on the big screen.

Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy Montgomery Clift, one of Hollywood’s loveliest faces and saddest stories. In the 1950s, Clift was one of the big screen’s hottest commodities thanks to his immense talent and dashing good looks.

Sadly however, things did not work out in Monty’s favor.

Montgomery Clift

In 1956, he was involved in a near fatal car crash after leaving a party at Elizabeth Taylor’s house. Production on the film he was working on was put on hold for two months as he underwent very intense plastic surgery. Following his accident and surgeries, Monty developed an addiction to pain killers and alcohol.

10 years later, at the age of 45, Clift was found dead in his New York City apartment. The cause was ruled to be a heart attack, but as Anne Helen Petersen called in her exquisite piece on him, it was “the long suicide of Montgomery Clift.”