Classic Hollywood Throwback Thursday Featuring Errol Flynn

As my mother’s daughter I have picked up a few things in life: never take your shoes off at a party and always, always swoon over Errol Flynn.

Which is why the swashbuckling star from Hollywood’s Golden Age seemed like the perfect choice for this week’s classic Hollywood TBT. Have you ever heard the phrase “In like Flynn”? Have you seen a photo of Orlando Bloom’s son Flynn? Then you’ve already been exposed to the late Australian actor.

So now let’s chat a little bit about the serious Hollywood heartthrob. 

The actor was born in Tasmania back in 1909, and made quite a name for himself in the Australian movie industry before coming to Hollywood. Without a doubt Flynn’s most famous role is that of the charming outlaw, Robin Hood. If you haven’t seen The Adventures of Robin Hood from 1938, do yourself a favor and watch it now. Flynn’s Robin is who Cary Elwes based his Robin Hood on in Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

Errol Flynn


While he was a major hit on screen, he did have a rather troubling personal life. Flynn was accused of statutory rape in 1942, but was later acquitted of the charges. And as with many stars in Hollywood, Flynn was also known for his hard drinking and hard partying. There’s a reason people wanted to be “in like Flynn.” The actor sadly passed away from a presumed heart-attack in 1959 at the age of 50, but left behind an amazing legacy of work.

Make sure to check out some of his best roles in films like The Adventures of Robin Hood, Captain Blood and The Sea Hawk. In like Flynn indeed.