Claire Danes’ Therapists Help Chase Away Those Monsters Under Her Bed

October 18th, 2007 // 4 Comments

At the age of six, young Claire Danes was suffering from the irrational fear that her imaginary friends were out to get her. It was at that time that her parents thought perhaps therapy might benefit their child, and Danes credits therapy–weekly sessions of which she still attends–with helping her to sort out her feelings, as well as become more in tune with her craft.

“I was getting to be a bit of a neurotic mess, so my parents thought therapy might do me good. But ultimately I became more scared of my therapists than I was of these imaginary creatures.”

I don’t mean to pass judgment here, but girl, you was crazy. I’m actually totally kidding, because I too was a completely weird little kid. I think I remember being four when I tried to put a pencil through my sister’s forehead. Hey, she was looking at me funny. But Claire seems like a smart, level-headed actress, which is remarkable, considering she started acting from such a young age. Except for that confusing Billy Crudup nonsense, which seemed highly suspect. But I forgive her, because I have no idea what the exact circumstances were–and cause she looks so cute and happy in these pictures.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. peachpie

    most of us were weird kids. are ALL kids weird kids? maybe. at least her folks recognized that her weirdness was becoming hurtful and got her some help. and to her credit, she’s cool with that and has learned to manage whatever her issue is. it’s sad to see ppl fight against what they don’t want to be or see — to my knowledge, no one’s beat The Brain yet. it’s scorecard reads something like 27,987,435,678,291 to 0. humans are losing.

  2. green cardigan

    Well I for one, had a possy (is that the right word?) of imaginary friends when I was a young un, some were ‘goodies’ some were ‘baddies’ and we used to meet under the blankets after the lights were turned out each night. I also used to have full on marathon conversations with myself till I was about 6.

    Rereading that, Christ, I must have been a right little weirdo. But ‘therapy’ in Ireland in the 1980s was unknown. The nearest thing to therapy would’ve been to be commited to the mental hospital run by the nuns. Thankfully, my parents didn’t feel the situation was that critical.
    I was considered ‘away with the fairies’ which is a condition that is recognised by the medical profession in Ireland.

  3. sexyback

    She’s so cute and seems fun/cool. I think I love her (she’s on my list of 5). She needs to do some sweet-ass movies, cause chick needs more press.

  4. nastybugger

    you’re close green, it’s “posse”.

    I’m not surprised she’s still in therapy.

    clearly, someone who takes up with a man who leaves his 7-months-pregnant GF has issues. (not saying the man doesn’t ALSO have probs…)

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